10 Best games of 2019

  • Patrol streets on a high-speed car
  • Increase the level of mastery of driving
  • Maneuver between houses, driving around cars
  • Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
  • Lots of levels with unique soundtracks!
  • Build and share your own levels using the level editor!
  • Easy and Smooth controls to enhance your shooting experience
  • Stunning 3D Graphics depicting Ocean and Beach...
  • Real Life Shooting & Hunting Experience 
  • Five Nights of animatronic terror!
  • An unlockable 6th night: nightmare mode!
  • An unlockable custom night where you set the A.I....
  • Patrol streets on a high-speed car
  • Increase the level of mastery of driving
  • Maneuver between houses, driving around cars
  • Features:
  • - Play as hardcore prisoner in superb prison survival jail...
  • - Use weapons like baseball bat, knife for survival in...
  • Realistic flying car physics.
  • Number of collectables to collect.
  • Amazing and Challenging 3D Environment For Flying Car...
  • Easy and Smooth controls to enhance your shooting experience
  • Stunning 3D Graphics depicting Ocean and Beach...
  • Real Life Shooting & Hunting Experience 
  • Red Ball!
  • Addicting game
  • Awesome fun!
  • -No ads
  • -Single Touch Control Spiral
  • -Tap to jump

Game collection guide

A games has always been one of the most popular gifts for children or adults. There are many different variations of game collections that can vary greatly in content, quality and price. So are already the first game collections for smaller children from the age of 12 months or 3 years available, such as the games „My first game treasure“ by Haba or „4 first games“ by Ravensburger. In the most common cases, however, it is game collections for the entire family, the many classic board and Card Gameshost, such as: Mill, Lady, Halma, man, do not fret, Mikado, dominoand many others. These games collections are often given with an age from the age of 4 or 5 years to 99 years. The range of game collections is very large and when buying different advantages and disadvantages should be weighed against each other.

What to look for when buying a games be respected?

A games should provide a lot of variety and fun. If all family members play together, the games should also be suitable for different age groups. This means they should not overtax younger players or bore older players. Only younger children of an age group play with the games , the age should be very well respected. First game collections for the youngest often contain running and board Gameswith funny characters that can be easily gripped by little hands. The playing time for children from 12 months to 3 or 4 years should be between 10 and a maximum of 20 minutes, because the younger children are otherwise quickly overwhelmed. In many classic games collections without age restrictions are often given content information of over 100 games options up to 300 and more. In the most common cases, but only with a certain selection of games played. The game collections can be sorted very differently according to age groups and levels of difficulty of the games. Not all popular board games are included in all game collections. Therefore, the contents of the game collections should be checked carefully whether the preferred played board games are included, such as perhaps chess, backgammonand more for older players. Very extensive game collections with many different classic and modern games for different age groups are for example:

– Schmidt Spiele – Game collection with 100 possibilities
– Noris Spiele – The large game collection with 300 game options,
– Schmidt Games – Classic Games Collection,
– Ravensburger – Games Magazine,
– Ravensburger 01315 – Ravensburger family games,
– Schmidt Spiele 49180 – Kids Games Classics and many more.

The quality of game collections – Wooden game collections

Game collections are available in different qualities, which can also be very different in price. So cheap game collections are already available from about 10 €. Depending on the size and features, however, game collections can cost as much as 40 euros or more. Perhaps the game collection is in a special cartridge, such as a metal or plastic wooden boxcontain. This allows the games to be kept safe and dry. Or the game collection is basically made of wood. These game collections are characterized by their particular longevity and are very valuable in good workmanship. Game collections of wood are for example

– Philos 3101 – Wooden Game Collection, Premium Edition, with 100 Game Options,
– Philos 3102 – Wooden game collection with 100 game options,
– Philos 3098 – wooden game collection, medium, with 10 play options,
– Mic – wooden game collection with more than 100 games and more.

Different game collections according to specific topics or for special situations

Game collections for special situations are, for example, travel game collections. These game collections have a smaller size of about 5 to 10 of the major board games and have magnetic game pieces. Thus, the games can also be played easily when driving on the train or in the car. A travel game collection is, for example, „Schmidt Games 49102 8 travel games, magnetic“. Thematically, game collections can be particularly aligned, such as the following

– ASS Altenburger 22500201 – Mickey Mouse Game Collection, Retro Edition,
– Games for the little ones – KOSMOS Games 697655 – Connis first games, Ravensburger 21417 – 4 first games and more.
– Game collections for the PCand other things.


The selection of different game collections is very large. But it is worthwhile to compare the different offers and to buy a suitable game collection for nice games evenings at home with family or friends. Attention should be paid to the equipment, the quality, the age groups, the level of difficulty and the playing time of the games. The most popular classic board games have often proven themselves for generations and still offer a lot of fun and fun for the different age groups.

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