10 Best Machine Taps of 2019

  • Ideal for rethreading fasteners and fastener holes for auto...
  • Constructed of high carbon steel for durability
  • Puts commonly needed taps, dies, drill bits, and extractors...
  • Ideal for auto repair and machinery
  • Convenient plastic pouch puts all the necessary taps at your...
  • Each set includes 1 taper, bottoming and plug tap in the...
  • Ideal for auto repair and machinery
  • Convenient plastic pouch puts all the necessary taps at your...
  • Each set includes 1 taper, bottoming and plug tap in the...
  • KMIAN TOOLS----Tap
  • Misc.
  • Made of shock-resistant and heat treated S2 steel for...
  • Ideal for maintenance and repair work
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Designed For Use With Taps, Reamers
  • Screw Extractors & Other Tools With A Square Shank
  • Adjusted & Tighten To Size By Twisting Knurled Nut
  • Ideal for auto repair and machinery
  • Convenient plastic pouch puts all the necessary taps at your...
  • Each set includes 1 taper, bottoming and plug tap in the...
  • Chromium-plated finish for the highest durability; Size of...
  • Easily switched from left to right handed operation, or...
  • T-Handle Ratcheting Tap Wrenches Three position gear box for...
  • KMIAN TOOLS----Tap
  • Misc.

Machine taps guide

Machine taps are used to drill the correct thread for screws. The threads can be machined into different materials. To get this job done, there are different ones Machine Taps for use. The following article informs about which Machine Taps for which materials are suitable, which factors are important in the purchase and about things worth knowing about machine tapping.

Differences between manual and mechanical taps

Threads can be cut mechanically and manually. Taps designed for hand tapping are always three-piece tapping sets. To be able to differentiate the taps, these are marked in color on the shaft as standard. Hand tap and Machine Taps continue to differ in that gimletManually screwed into the hole using a small lever.

Machine taps can be put into the three-jaw chuck without time or effort drilling machineuse. Then the thread can be precisely manufactured with the drill. However, since the cutting of threads always has to be done slowly, no time saving is possible. Anyone working with machine taps must always make sure to drill very gently at low speed.

Which one Machine Taps for which material?

Machine taps, for example, the product Machine Taps M 7 x 1.00 from Lotex GmbH can be used for thread cutting in plastic, wood and metal. Each material places different demands on the machine tap. In metal, for example, fine threads offer high strength. In plastic or wood, on the other hand, they would tear down. For this reason, threads cut in plastic and wood must be coarser and work with a different machine tap. For machine tapping, therefore, various machine taps conceived for different materials are offered.

To cut precise internal threads, craft shops and ambitious home improvement use incision taps. However, the use of these special incision tapper requires significantly higher speeds. For drilling the base hole, incision thread cutters are generally not recommended. The reason for this is that the chips are not completely removed from the hole.

In order to machine threads in wood, special wood threading machine drills must be used. Wood Thread Drills are available in diameters of 22, 16 and 10 millimeters.

For cutting threads in plastic and metal machine taps are suitable. For example, to drill the basic hole in stainless steel, the qualitative machine thread cutter PROFI machine tap M5 from manufacturer Landefeld can be recommended here.

Tips for machine tapping

For a clean thread to be cut, the hole must be drilled precisely perpendicular. An advantage is the use of a drill press. When drilling and cutting in metal, work only at low speeds and under continuous cooling. The finished hole must then be lowered. For this purpose, a so-called countersink with an approximately 10 centimeters larger average than the thread must be used.

To achieve optimum surface qualities and to increase machine service lives, cooling lubricants, such as cutting oils, must be used. This achieves a reduction in the friction during threading.

Criteria to consider when buying machine taps

Important factors to consider when selecting machine taps are the material to which threads are to be cut, diameter, length and whether a tapping set, such as Ruko’s 14-piece machine tap set, or a tapping tap, are to be purchased should.

In the case of machine taps, which are to be used to drill the base hole, the spiral rods must always be turned to the right. This is guaranteed, for example, with the product HSSE machine tap. Only then is it ensured that all chips are transported cleanly out of the hole. On the other hand, if the machine tap is needed to make through holes, the spiral rods must be turned to the left.

Advantages and disadvantages of machine taps


– easy to use
– precise cutting


– no time savings

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