10 Best Gardena hedge trimmer of 2019

  • Telescopic shaft - easy and comfortable to use for every...
  • 42 cm blade length with 16mm opening
  • For cutting top of hedge or ground cutting
  • Powered by an18V interchangeable NiMH battery (nickel-metal...
  • Ergonomic handle for a secure and comfortable grip while...
  • Powerful motor and double action blades to achieve the best...
  • Easy and effortless work in all cutting situations.
  • Optimum shock absorption due to integral Technogel gel pads...
  • Non-stick coated blades with branch-cutter.
  • The blade has a cutting width of 3-Inches and can be easily...
  • The blades can be changed without tools.
  • It is especially easy, fast and safe to do.
  • Lightweight at only 1.3-pound
  • Integrated branch cutter
  • Ergonomic design for effortless work
  • Hedge Trimmers, 22 1/2" Length
  • Soft rubber clad handles for comfort while working
  • Steel handles with soft TPR grips
  • Blade protector protects the blades and increases their...
  • Optimum battery capacity for efficient working for at least...
  • Blade length of just under 20-inch with a blade opening of...
  • Quick and easy assembly due to cordless plug in connection
  • Ergonomic handle - rests comfortably in your hand
  • Swivels in 45-degree steps to either side.
  • Easy and effortless work in all cutting situations.
  • Optimum shock absorption due to integral Technogel gel pads...
  • Non-stick coated blades with branch-cutter.
  • Large foot pedal for easy adjustment to shrubbing model
  • Running time on a battery charge approximately 35 minutes
  • Use only with Gardena cutting blades model number 5368

Gardena hedge trimmer advice

Gardena hedge trimmers are popular helpers in the garden – but also on the balcony and the terrace. Depending on the design, they can be used in many ways and have various advantages but also disadvantages.

Gardena hedge trimmers – species

The Gardena hedge trimmers are basically divided into three different types: Elektro Gardena hedge trimmers, Gardena hedge trimmers and mechanical Gardena hedge trimmers.

Each of these variants has several advantages – but also has disadvantages and limitations.

So the Elektro Gardena hedge trimmers have a long endurance. With them you can also bigger ones hedgesand shrubs are blended in one operation. However, they are tied to the power supply and thus to a cable. The range of use can be limited as a result, since the cable at higher altitudes has a disabling effect and there is not always and everywhere mains power available.
In addition, when gardening, care must be taken to keep the cable out of the cutting zone. The cut is done in a short time, detailed work – for example, the removal of individual branches – is only partially feasible. But there are no restrictions on the working time and the blend is fast and comparatively easy to use.

Mechanical Gardena hedge trimmers are not limited in their range and duration of use, because they are not tied to a cable or the charge of a battery. Detailed work is easily possible with them, moreover, they are compared very cost-effective. This many plus point is contrasted with a not insignificant minus point, because the mechanical hedge trimmers from Gardena work with the physical strength of the (hobby) gardener. Cutting a meter long hedge with them takes a lot of time and costs a lot of strength and effort. In addition, a well-proportioned cut requires a very concentrated approach. This variant is therefore more suitable for smaller jobs and for hedges and shrubs that are not accessible by wired Gardena hedge trimmers. In terms of cost, they are unbeatable compared to the electronic and mechanical models.

The Akku Gardena hedge trimmers combine the mobility of mechanical hedge trimmers with the easier use of electronic variants. They are not tied to cables, but probably to the battery charge and therefore also not infinitely usable. However, the working time can be extended well with the exchangeable batteries available from Gardena, so that it is also possible to mix meter-long hedges and shrubs. However, this is just as the loading or the operation of electrical gardena hedge trimmers associated with ongoing additional costs or higher acquisition costs.

Gardena hedge trimmers – buying advice and more

From the merits and limitations of each Gardena hedge trimmer Species can already be deduced the areas of application and the purchase recommendation:

Gardena electronic hedge trimmers are ideal for longer hedges and larger projects. But if they are further away from the next power source, they become cumbersome due to the cable binding.

With the Akku Gardena hedge trimmers, a similar cross-sectional view is shown and also the effort is comparable. Before use, however, a multi-hour charge is required and then the hedge clippersstill in the middle of the blend of the „juice go out“. But they are unbound from power sources and can be kept working longer with removable batteries.

Manual Gardena hedge trimmers are also the most mobile and inexpensive variants. They do not cause follow-up costs for electricity, are not wired and still allow the most detailed and gentle cuts. In contrast to the current and battery-operated hedge trimmers leaves are not halved, but individual branches can be corrected instead. Although this is more complicated when it comes to large hedges, shrubs and bushes, in sensitive plants but sometimes even necessary. However, the working time is quite strenuous due to the necessary physical effort. For regular blends of very long hedges, the mechanical variants are therefore rather not suitable.

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