10 Best cable drum of 2019

  • Includes 3 SM57 microphones, 1 BETA 52A microphone, 3 A56D...
  • Mountable drum microphones for live sound and recording
  • 1 Years Warranty!!!
  • Heavy Duty Garage Door Drum/Torsion Replacement
  • Both Left & Right Hand Side Drum/Torsion for Lift Garage...
  • Maximum door height: 12'
  • Capacity: 375lbs per drum
  • Maximum cable size : 5/32"
  • Maximum door height: 12'
  • Capacity: 375lbs per drum
  • Maximum cable size : 5/32"
  • Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster One and TorqueMaster Pl
  • The product is 87582 CABLE, C32 IW 3/8 X 75'
  • The product is used for electrical cables
  • This product manufacture by United States
  • Maximum door height: 12'
  • Capacity: 375 lbs per drum
  • Maximum cable size: 5/32"
  • Includes 3 SM57 microphones, 1 BETA 52A microphone, 3 A56D...
  • Mountable drum microphones for live sound and recording
  • ➤ EASIER MATCHING & TRACKING - 10 different colors coding...
  • ➤ DURABLE METALIC CONNECTOR - Strong indestructible...
  • ➤ FLEXIBLE CABLE - Flexible durable PVC jacket cable...
  • Maximum Door Height: 8'
  • Capacity: 265 lbs. per drum
  • Maximum cable size: 1/8"

Cable drum guide

There are hardly any things in everyday life that you can devote to without a power source nearby

to have. So often remains in hobby or work only the extension cable, z. B. in the large garden, in the home, in the workshop or on camping holidays. To prevent now annoying and annoying cable salad, comes the right one cable drum in the game. With their help, the cable can be regulated in length, stowed safely after each use and transported at any time convenient. Since loose cables can easily be damaged by a secure cable drum also reduces the risk of injury. By default, the cable lengths on the drums are between 10 and 50 meters. The power they are designed for is typically 3500 watts. Another advantage is the possibility of a cable drum to connect multiple devices at the same time mowing machine. drilling machine. jigsawu. a. more.

The different cable drum versions

For cable drums, a distinction is made between designs for indoor or outdoor use similar to normal extension cables. For safety reasons, this should be strictly observed during use. In addition, the usage area is divided into classic cable drums and device cable drums. The cables and plugs of the drums for indoor use are also referred to as protective contact cables and sockets, since these are provided with a special fuse. The plug at the cable end can be connected to any socket or power strip indoors. A connection in the outdoor area, however, is strictly prohibited, since the necessary moisture protection is missing here. Cable reels behave quite differently for outdoor use. By way of example, the so-called camping device drum, which is provided with a CEE plug plus coupling, is shown here. So it can be connected harmless to all external sockets. Drums for garden Toolsare usually equipped as well. The classic cable drum is equipped in both cases with a male safety plug and with female safety sockets. Only one device can be connected to the device cable drum. This is located directly on the drum instead of several socketsa power connection and a safety socket at the end of the cable.

Special criteria for cable drums

The drums are made of either metal or plastic, depending on the application. Plastic should be impact resistant. It is lighter than metal, so that the cable drums are better in the hand during transport as well as when rolling up. Especially with indoor drums, floor coverings are not easily damaged by plastic. If you decide to use drums made of metal especially outdoors, you should use steel or galvanized aluminum, as these materials are rust-free. Most cable lengths of 25 m or 50 m are purchased. Ultimately, when deciding which length is the right one, it depends on the individual personal requirements at work. What many do not know is that the cable should always be completely unrolled during use. A too long chosen cable would then quickly become a trip hazard. For smaller rooms there are alternatively called mini-cable drums, which have cable lengths of 10 m or 15 m. Even the color of the cable is not just a matter of taste. Especially outside when mowing the lawn, for example, brown or black cables would be difficult to recognize. Safer would be there bright cable colors such as red or orange.

Safety when using cable drums

Cable drums that comply with the most important safety standards are provided with the IP20 protection values ​​for indoor and IP44 for outdoor and are marked accordingly. Carrying cable drums with no information regarding their safety is discouraged from using them, even if they are particularly inexpensive. For drums that are often in use, manual or automatic rewind aids are available for easier and safe use. Depending on the environment during the work, one can opt for cables that are oil-resistant, particularly flexible, waterproof and / or UV-safe. The fact that the cables should not be partially unrolled during use is due to the fact that they are at a maximum power of z. B. overheat 3000 watts quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the presence of an overheating protection when buying.

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