10 Best Western saddle of 2019

  • 100% Thick Premium Leather
  • Color: Medium Oil
  • Fee Headstall, Reins, and Breast Collar
  • DURABLE DESIGN - this saddle cover is made from a durable,...
  • PROTECTS YOUR SADDLE - this cover protects your saddle from...
  • WATERPROOF - our saddle covers are waterproof, meaning that...
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Hand Washable, Quick Drying, Breathable and Heat Resistant...
  • Webbing Straps Attach over Horn and Behind Seat
  • Color: Brown
  • Soft padded seat
  • Free Headstall, reins, Breast Collar
  • Basket weave hand tooled leather parts on this saddle
  • Synthetic suede seat. Best combination of leather and...
  • Best seller for the last 10 years
  • 100% Thick Premium Leather
  • Color: Medium Oil
  • Fee Headstall, Reins, and Breast Collar
  • 5 item set with Everything to get started
  • Full horse size items
  • Basket weave design
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Hand Washable, Quick Drying, Breathable and Heat Resistant...
  • Webbing Straps Attach over Horn and Behind Seat
  • Protects your saddle
  • Gives you a more comfortable ride
  • Black in color
  • Ride behind tandem saddle addition
  • Constructed of tough Nylon over shock absorbing foam
  • Complete with stirrups and Adjustable Nylon leathers

Western Saddle Guide

Of the Western saddle was used for a long time only when Western riding. Today, however, he is just as popular with the recreational riders, because this type of saddle has at least distinct advantages over other variants. At a Western saddle the horn is at the front. This is because the cowboy’s lasso was attached to this horn, which caught his cattle directly from the horse. Also are for one Western saddle unusual embellishments characteristically, which were sometimes elaborately punched into the leather. Of the Western saddle nowadays represents a progression from the original one Western saddle which was used by the conquistadors to sail in South and Central America. Even the materials used today are lighter and more modern.

The difference to conventional saddles
A western saddle can be recognized on the saddle horn. In addition, these saddles often contain a fairly large seat. Thus, they cause an ideal weight distribution of the rider. If these are made of genuine leather, as was customary in the past, then Western saddles have more weight than similar leisure saddles because of their size. The western saddle is in contrast to the English saddleStable processed. This means that such a high quality saddle can last throughout life. Because one used the Western saddle only earlier to work, in which the rider consistently also twelve or more hours sat daily, the seating comfort is often comparatively higher in contrast to other types of saddles. Even the girth and the stirrup shape are different at the Western saddle.

saddle types
If you want to buy a Western saddle, you have to decide between some models. In the Reiningsattel the horn is very low. However, a reins guide is not a problem. In general, this saddle is well suited for training mounts and also for other disciplines. The cutingsattel on the other hand has a very flat seat and contains no seat recess. Forks and horns are quite high, which in some cases affects the reins guidance a bit. If the rider only cling to the horn, then this saddle is optimal. The Old Timer is best for longer rides. For training, he is more of a second choice. The roping saddle has a sturdy horn attached to make it easier to work with the lasso. The Barrel Racer has a little less weight. This saddle model gives the horse more maneuverability.

What should be considered when buying a Western saddle
First, the question is, which Westernsattelart to choose. Especially for riders in their free time, the all-round and pure-Western saddles are especially recommended. If the Western saddle is to be mounted on a mount that has a short back, problems can occur. Therefore, it is important to choose a variant that is a bit shortened. At the Western saddle even a towering withers of the horse could be disturbing. Then it must be clear which rider should use this western saddle. Because Western saddles are quite heavy, these are not suitable for smaller or younger riders, but sometimes also for very large horses, because this makes laying down difficult. In addition, the chamber size of the Western saddle must match the horse. Such a saddle is always to be used together with a pad that fits anatomically. The skirts of the western saddle can not be too soft or too hard. It is important when buying that the quality of this saddle is right.

Advantages of a weather saddle
– It is lighter compared to other saddles
– It is characterized by a high stability
– he is very durable
– It offers a large seating area
– Here is an ideal weight distribution of the rider on horseback

Disadvantages of a weather saddle
– adjusting the stirrupcan not be done by horse
– The Nachgurten is only possible from the ground

[Quicktipp] How it works with the Western saddle | Serenity horses

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