10 Best weight vest of 2019

  • MiR
  • Misc.
  • Sports
  • Every items comes with weights included.
  • Max weight are weight purchased.
  • Select the weight you want, receive the vest with the...
  • CONSTRUCTION- Made with premium quality iron pellet weights....
  • FUNCTIONAL- Perfect resistance for running, weight training,...
  • COMFORT- Adjustable straps on chest and under arms for the...
  • Every items comes with weights included.
  • Weights can be removed in all models.
  • One size fits Most, manufacture warranty included.
  • MiR 20Lbs Exercise Adjustable Weighted Vest
  • 20-pound adjustable weighted vest for adding resistance to...
  • Contours and stays tight to your body regardless of the...
  • Weights Included.
  • Premium features: Pocket for your phone/music devices
  • Water bottle holder, designed to fit all water bottles 16oz...
  • CROSS101
  • Misc.
  • 1st photo shows 20lbs-80lbs Style. 2nd photo 100lbs-140lbs...
  • Camouflage color on premium quality vest. Receive within 3-4...
  • Every items comes with weights included, weights can all be...
  • MiR
  • Misc.

Weight vest advisor

Exercising in the gym no longer powers you out, harms your joints, or just does not give you the absolute kick anymore?
A weight vest Provides a healthy alternative to traditional gym equipment and dumbbells and gives you an excellent way to make your workout more exciting and challenging. Whether you are a competitive athlete or a beginner – the pleasant flexibility of a weight vest Any enthusiastic athlete can work with it and adapt it to its weight, strength and stamina.

How do I use a weight vest?

The weight vest helps to optimize the training. By wearing, you work naturally with a higher body weight. This can increase the intensity of condition training or even strength training. Whether outdoor or indoor, whether jogging or cycling in the open air, climbing stairs, dips, pushups or crossfit- workout- the weight vest represents a perfect companion that will make you fitter and also boost your body feeling.
The application possibilities of the vest are no limits.

What are the functions of a weight vest?

With partial weights, some of which are part of the order, but can also be purchased separately, the additional weight can be adjusted as desired. Velcro straps help to keep the weights safely in the pockets. They are attached centrally to the vest, so that the weights can act optimally on the body and so a healthy posture is supported during the exercises.
A mesh pocket is located on the back of selected models, in which, for example, while walking comfortably one Bottlefits. This keeps the bottle from jarring during exercise and still provides the athlete with sufficient fluid. Especially with a long run outdoor the use of this additional function is recommended.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The vest optimizes the freedom of movement. That means you have free hands to perform various exercises without using heavy dumbbells. Amateurs often lack the necessary expertise to perform the proper and joint-friendly operation of dumbbells. A wrong posture and constant use of the dumbbells does not bring the desired effect, only leads to inflammation of the muscles and a subsequent visit to the doctor, which any athlete would like to save. With the weight vest this is easily possible!
Thanks to the uncomplicated removal of part weights, you can flexibly decide which additional weight you would like to work with. Due to the natural and evenly distributed load, the growing muscle growth and the increase of the condition is ensured.
For example, the Powerwest weight vest on Amazon.de convinces with five kilograms of weight and 10 additional weights, which are stowed in small bags and make the training more intense depending on progress.
In addition, weighted vests are often available in universal sizes and are adaptable to every body type and body weight. They are close to the body and give a feeling of security to the stomach, shoulders and back.

What material are the west made of?

Often, the vests are made of high-quality, breathable neoprene or nylon and equipped with an abrasion-resistant upper. Therefore, they are also easy to clean and can be easily washed after a sweat training.
The often black, neutral color looks very sporty and stylish.

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