10 Best Weight racks of 2019

  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION- Made of heavy-duty steel tubes and...
  • THREE-TIER UNIT & FOUR EASY ACCESS POSTS- Store your fitness...
  • HAMMERTONE FINISH - Featuring a sturdy structure that exudes...
  • Holds 2" Plates
  • 500 lb Weight Capacity
  • Provides easy storage
  • Holds 1-inch plates
  • 300-Pound weight capacity
  • Provides easy storage
  • Holds 5 pairs of hex dumbbells
  • Durable steel construction
  • 200-pound weight capacity
  • Download free Bowflex SelectTech App to follow trainer lead...
  • Large media rack with Teflon grip material to help ensure...
  • Ergonomically designed to help protect your lower back by...
  • Holds 1-inch plates
  • 300-Pound weight capacity
  • Provides easy storage
  • Heavy-Duty Carbon Steel Construction
  • Adjustable rack - Accommodates Bench Press
  • Safety Spotters On Each Post Can Be Adjusted Accordingly
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION- Made of heavy-duty steel tubes and...
  • THREE-TIER UNIT & FOUR EASY ACCESS POSTS- Store your fitness...
  • HAMMERTONE FINISH - Featuring a sturdy structure that exudes...
  • ORGANIZE YOUR WORKOUT: Bring your A game to your gym...
  • 5-TIER TOWER: Stores up to 5 sets of weights at a time -...
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Includes carrying handle to transport...
  • Convenient attractive storage option for your set
  • Puts blocks at a proper height for lifting
  • Stand can hold weights up to 130 lbs in each hand,It has 4...

Dumbbell stand guide

Anyone who likes to use dumbbells during training knows the problem of suitable storage. Especially when training in your own studio or at home, damage to the floor caused by the heavy weights of the dumbbells, causing bruises on furniture, or form dangerous sources of stumbling. Already when setting up the training ground should therefore Weight racks be purchased. But which Weight racks is suitable for which dumbbells and what is the purchase?

Choose training: short or barbells

Of course, before buying a Dumbbell stand, there is the question of which dumbbells should be trained. The choice of dumbbells depends on the training goals. While dumbbells, which are also available in very low weight classes up to 0.5 kilograms, support other exercises effectively, barbells and heavyweight dumbbells are used for the sole weight training. The dumbbells are fundamentally different.

The smaller short or sports dumbbells, up to about 5 kilos per dumbbellavailable, are usually covered by neoprene, vinyl or other rubber coating. So they are easy in the hand, can be completely enclosed by hand and used to support squats, walking, or other fitness exercises. The danger of dropping them is low. They increase body weight and make training more effective. In the heavy variant with up to 40 kilograms per dumbbell, they are usually constructed with removable weight discs, and not encased. The Dumbbell Baris made of smooth metal to which the discs are attached with different locking threads, as needed. Similar to the barbells, which with disc attachments and ambidextrous operation training over 100 pounds is possible.

Various Weight racks for different dumbbells

The choice of the stand is therefore basically based on these three types of dumbbells. While the smaller dumbbells are completely discarded, the weight discs and handles are usually kept separate for heavy dumbbells. For barbell dumbbells, there are low barbell stands, which provide the trainee with the security of being able to reach the bottom shelf even if he loses strength. The small one-hand operated dumbbells can usually be stored in a set, while with the large dumbbell weights also on the floor load by the Weight racks should be respected. Finally, according to the weight class, the material of the ideal dumbbell stand also depends. While for dumbbells up to five kilos and a small stand made of plastic or wood fulfills its purpose, the stands are made with a maximum load of more than 500 kilos of steel. The stability is not impaired by an imbalance of the weight plates on the stand and the devices and accessories are securely stored.

Dumbbell stand and disc stand

Dumbbells are usually stored on so-called dumbbell trees or lying in rows. The Weight racks from Body-Solid, the dumbbells are stored ready to hand and comfortably tilted slightly forward. The rails can be adjusted at a distance. This high quality steel tube has its price and is located in the middle upper cost range. BB Sports offers a much cheaper alternative with a heavy metal dumbbell. The barbell stand pick-up is therefore only up to 100 kilos loadable.

In the field of weight plate stands, the low-cost and safe devices from MOVIT are a good choice. When buying, however, make sure that the inner diameter of the discs should at least equal to the branches. The Pro weight plate rack by Bad Company is suitable for athletes who want to store less weights with lower total weight, but it is much more space-saving. He can, in contrast to the MOVIT stand up to 250 kilos, carry only 150 pounds and fits with 111 centimeters in height in every training room.

Dumbbell rack for barbell training

Barbell stands and shelves, which are used directly during training, not only have to be robust, but also safe. Before buying different devices should be tried and be sure what height can be achieved in the Stemmen. Basically, the training should be done while lying down with weights that can cause serious injury, only in the presence of a training partner. The lowest storage option should always be just above chest height. Good dumbbell stands for barbell training can be adjusted in the storage height and securely tightened.

The purchase of a high-quality dumbbell rack not only clears up the training rooms and eliminates sources of danger, but also brings order to the overview of the different weights and their possible combinations for successful training.

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