10 Best weight bench of 2018

  • Multi-position back pad adjusts for incline and flat chest...
  • Heavy-duty square tubing fixed upright with 30-in. wide...
  • Includes 100 lbs. weight and high-density seat and back pads
  • Size: 109x35.3x45.5 cm/42.9x13.9x17.9'' (LxWxH)
  • High Load-bearing Capacity: the max load-bearing is up to...
  • Stable: steel tube frame ensures steady support for the...
  • Assembled dimensions: 43L x 14W x 17H inches
  • Multi-purpose utility flat bench for various exercises
  • For versatile use in a compact space
  • Dimensions: 40L x 9.5W x 15H in.
  • 14-gauge 2x3 steel tubing
  • Padded top with black vinyl
  • Sports
  • Multi-position back pad adjusts for incline and flat chest...
  • Heavy-duty square tubing fixed upright with 30-in. wide...
  • Includes 100 lbs. weight and high-density seat and back pads
  • 【440 lbs Weight Capacity】It was made of heavy duty...
  • 【Comfortable Design】There is ample padding on the bench....
  • 【Easy to Assemble】All assembly hardware are included....
  • Freestanding decline bench offers wide variety of core...
  • Perform sit-ups, twists and more
  • Choose from two leg positions for more comfort
  • Preacher arm curl pad has 10 height adjustments
  • Built in transport wheels
  • Perform barbell, dumbbell, and reverse grip barbell...
  • 💪Solid Material- This fitness equipment is made of...
  • 💪Three backrest incline angles for various exercise...
  • 💪Adjustable Height- This weight lifting bench offers...

Weight bench guide

Selected bodies as a status symbol
The desire for a healthy and fit body was already pursued by the ancient Egyptians. When he did not give any other status symbols at that time, a steeled body was almost the only one with which men could impress their fellow human beings. At that time, of course, was of fitness equipment like the weight bench not thinking yet. With the simplest means, the ancient Egyptians worked physically.

Interplay of body and mind
The Greeks also put a lot of emphasis on a healthy body. In so-called high schools, young athletes were trained. Already at that time, sports competitions took place in ancient Greece, the body of the athletes was treated very carefully and rubbed after training with oil and herbs. Already at that time weights were used for physical exercise, as we know it today. Nevertheless, the invention was the weight bench not to be seen for a long time.

First bodybuilder
Was in the Middle Ages due to the hard work little time to athletically confirm his body, found the first beginnings of modern bodybuilding in the 20th century instead.
Born in East Prussia, Friedrich Wihelmhelm Müller set out to marvel at the success of his body building under his stage name Eugene Sanders with his stage show. In 1901, the first big fight of the strong men took place when the „The great competition“ took place in London, in which 12 men fought against each other.

First association of bodybuilders and the success of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bodybuilding quickly found many supporters and so founded the brothers Weider in 1919 in Montreal, the first association for bodybuilders.
A real boom in the scene was experienced in the 70s when an Austrian set out to become successful in the US. The success of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made it from the gym to the Olympus Hollywood, brought the bodybuilding sport a new boom. Manufacturers of fitness equipment brought the first weight benches in the home gyms and gyms. To this day, the body cult continues, fitness equipment is constantly modernized and brought to the state of the art to promise enthusiastic athletes the best possible training.

The three different ones weight bench types

Basically, there are three different types of weight benches, on the one hand the simple model, the flat bench. The cheap sports equipment is kept simple and rigid, that is, they are not adjustable. The training option is thus limited in such flat banks.
At the incline bench, athletes have different options to spend. The lying surface is made of two adjustable components, which allow more variations of the training.
Weight bench sets are multifunctional weight benches with additional equipment. Fits to this are dumbbells and shelves to weight bench attached and thus represent an optimal training device.

But what should you look for before buying one weight bench respect, think highly of?

Before you decide to buy a weight bench, ask yourself which of the above-mentioned weight bench is suitable for you. Are you looking for the cheap, simple model or would you like an allround talent for a higher price?

A weight bench needs sufficient space, so you can train undisturbed. Therefore, measure how much space is available in the premises. There are now even weight banks, which can be folded up after training to save space.

Quality and workmanship
For optimal training you also need good fitness equipment. Do not be tempted by cheap offers that go in favor of quality. Weight benches that are poorly processed can at worst contribute to serious accidents. Be sure to look for quality seals before purchasing and, at best, study reviews.
The weight bench must have no sharp corners, it must also be stable and stable when you lie on it.
Be sure to pay attention to the maximum weight and include other exercise equipment such as dumbbells.

Not unimportant is the comfort of the training device. Anyone who feels uncomfortable with his weight bench will be reluctant to pursue the sport. Therefore, test the weight bench before buying. So you can also test the stability.

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