10 Best Waterproof stopwatch of 2019

  • Shock resistant durability for outdoor activities
  • Water resistant for aquatic competitions
  • Takes measure of the competition up to 1/100 of a second
  • Digital watch:Fashionable sporty dial design, military style...
  • Mens watch:Appeals to mens, especially to those who like...
  • Shock Resistant, perfect for both outdoor and indoor sports,...
  • LARGE DISPLAY - Displays minutes, seconds & 1/100th seconds.
  • SPLIT MODE - Times single and split events. Freeze...
  • TIME & CALENDAR - Displays hour, minute, second, month, day...
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • 1/100 Second Split Timing, Measure time at an accuracy of...
  • Time, Date And Alarm Function:Switch between 3 display modes...
  • The Best Value PE Stopwatch on the Market
  • ACCUSPLIT Exclusive Ergonomic "X" Case
  • Special Million Cycle Switches operate cleanly, precisely &...
  • Shock resistant durability for outdoor activities
  • Water resistant for aquatic competitions
  • Takes measure of the competition up to 1/100 of a second
  • Cumulative split timing
  • Alarm can be deactivated
  • Continuous timing
  • LARGE DISPLAY : LEAP Stopwatch with large screen and extra...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Stopwatch is ergonomically designed for...
  • SPLIT MODE: Our Stopwatch features split mode allowing you...
  • Displays date, time, alarm and calendar
  • Double count timer mode for multiple times
  • High quality stop-watch measures your time down to the...
  • Switchable resolution from 19:59 hour/99:59 min.
  • Removable stand and magnet
  • Super large LCD display

Waterproof stopwatch guide

A waterproof stopwatchis suitable for you if you want to measure exactly the time and can not rely on vague and inaccurate measurement results. This is the case, for example, in sports, where timing is mandatory in almost every sport. The range is large. However, most products are stop watches that are not waterproof. For example, anyone who practices water sports or measures time on the edge of the pool is not well advised to use such a model. But even athletes who do not move on the water, should definitely opt for a waterproof stopwatch. Because outdoors you can always be surprised by a heavy downpour that a leaking stopwatch often does not survive. Is the watch really waterproof or protected against splashing water? Stopwatches, which are often referred to as waterproof, are in fact only protected against splashing water. Such a stopwatch in the best case still holds a heavy downpour. But if, for example, you fall into a swimming pool, water penetrates. Caution is advised if the product description does not contain any information as to whether the stopwatch is watertight. Mostly it is then a product that is not protected against water at all and is therefore suitable at most for indoor sports. The various names used to denote watertight stopwatches:

  • The stopwatch is only „protected“, which means that it should not be associated with water in general. Although it will not break in some raindrops, but a heavy rain shower may be enough to damage the stopwatch.
  • If the stopwatch is labeled „Waterproof 3 ATM (3 bar)“, it will withstand moderate rain. Splashing water and sweat can also not cause damage. However, should this clock fall into a pool, it may take a few seconds to let in water.
  • More reliable are stop watches, which are waterproof up to 5 ATM (5 bar). Such products can easily be kept under a medium water jet. Pouring rain does not bother them. Under certain circumstances, the stopwatch even withstands when it falls into a pool and does not sink too low.
  • If the stopwatch is labeled „10 ATM (10 bar)“, it is really waterproof. Such watches can be easily taken into the pool.
  • Stopwatches that are waterproof to 20 ATM (20 bar) are even suitable for scuba diving.

Choose a Multifunctional Stopwatch You should purchase a product that is not all waterproof, but that will provide you with many useful features. For example, it is advantageous if the stopwatch additionally has a clock function and an alarm function. Some products still have a calendar function with date, month and day display. For the stop itself, memory functions should be present. Tip: First and foremost, make sure that you buy a high quality product. The price should not be a decision criterion for you, especially in sports you need a precise timepiece. A tenth of a second can already decide on victory and defeat in the competition. It is recommended to study before purchasing multiple buyer reviews to form an initial opinion on the various products.

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