10 Best Tennis ball of 2018

  • DURABLE! Not all tennis balls are created equal. The extra...
  • REGULATION SIZE AND BOUNCE. Tourna tennis balls are...
  • Made with premium Tex/Tech felt
  • Optimal performance on hard courts
  • Wilson has been the official ball of the US Open since 1978
  • Penn
  • Sports
  • USTA and ITF Approved
  • Wilson is the Official Ball of the US Open and Australian...
  • Extra Duty ideal for longer play on hard court surfaces
  • DURABLE! Not all tennis balls are created equal. The extra...
  • REGULATION SIZE AND BOUNCE. Tourna tennis balls are...
  • Penn
  • Sports
  • Penn
  • Sports
  • 18 Pressure less practice tennis balls in a mesh bag
  • Long lasting Pressure less tennis balls
  • Superior quality vs competitor offerings
  • Penn.
  • Kitchen
  • High-density lightweight foam ball
  • Oversized diameter for simple learning
  • RED Ball for 36' tennis court size

Tennis Ball Counselor

Through a little helper to game success! – worth reading to the Tennis ball diversity

Every tennis player knows the magic of this incomparable and timeless sport. Speed, strength and stamina are needed to create an optimal and joyful match. However, a win or a loss begins even with the right selection of tennis balls. The following lines get to the bottom of all important aspects of this topic.

Historical to the sportive helpers

Today’s tennis was originally developed in the United Kingdom in 1870 and spread from there. But even before that time people were already playing a similar tennis sport. The former tennis balls were made of a special and robust natural rubber. Only later, the core of the ball was also kept hollow and filled with a compressed gas and improved. Depending on the surface of the pitch, tennis balls used to be black or white. The bright yellow color that is known from today’s games, but sat down until 1972, the world through. Because at that time also color television sets became more modern and thus the small balls were easier to recognize.

The production of tennis balls

The basic structure of a tennis ball is provided with a special felt sheathing. This special jacket consists of a special layer combination of nylon and sheep’s wool. These two components are then spun into a special yarn and combined into a high-quality cotton. The striking felt look is created by a special impregnation of the substances mentioned. So gets the Tennis ball also a reliable strength and durability. The plastic raw version of the tennis ball is coated and steamed only by means of a special hot glue process.

Reliable manufacturer of yellow sports helpers

Since a tennis match is not without a suitable Tennis ball You must pay particular attention to the quality and material usage of the balls. Also the durability and the respective playing characteristics can decide a tennis match. Renowned providers of the little yellow helper are, for example, Dunlop, Babolat, Pacific, HEAD or Wilson. You can choose between the types of pressure balls and the unpressurized balls. Here it is important to identify in advance, whether the balls are to be used later in a tournament or for private use. I

The added value of a tennis ball with pressure

Especially for a normal tennis match, the pressure ball offers. In addition, these balls are also used in point games. The manufacturing process of this type of printing begins with the filling of the balls with a special gas. This is completely filled in the respective interior to always ensure a constant pressure. So the ball also gets the extra overpressure and jump characteristics. However, this pressure is also limited or diminished by long-term use. For this reason, pressure balls must be replaced more often or at regular intervals. This is decided by the own kind of game. So depending on how much you play, how hard you hit or depending on the existing flooring can cause wear and the ball to be replaced. Accordingly, the time periods for the actual replacement may vary.

The use of pressureless tennis balls

This variety of tennis balls has a much longer life than the pressure balls show. In addition, you can find these tennis balls often in normal tennis training or exercise equipment, such as the ball guns. In addition, non-pressure tennis balls are not played as fast as the pressure balls. So you get a nice ball control. This is an immense added value, especially for beginners of tennis. However, the actual quality of the tennis ball felt can be pulled by a constant contact with the ground very badly affected. Accordingly, one should be careful not to buy badly processed balls. Because otherwise it can happen that the ball jumps uncontrollably and wears out even faster.

Conclusion to the tennis ball world

It can therefore be seen that, depending on the prevailing quality and the actual manufacturing process Tennis ball convincing or not convincing. Because it applies: Only by a high-quality Tennis ball can also be an optimal game and bring fun. Anyone who knows before the purchase, which variety is perfect for you can escape disappointment in the later course. So you should not make a tennis ball buy quickly and casually, but always take enough time for it.

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