10 Best Softball of 2019

  • Composite Leather Cover
  • Approved for ASA play
  • 52/300
  • 11"~Perfect for hitting and defensive drills!~
  • MacGregor MacGregor 11" Safe/Soft Training Sftball (DZN)
  • Weighted balls are designed for building arm strength...
  • Official weight and size
  • 10 oz.
  • Designed specifically to be used with the JUGS Lite-Flite...
  • Their sponge-like texture makes them safe for indoor hitting...
  • Comes in 12-inch and Optic Game-Ball Yellow only
  • Macgregor X44RE ASA Slow Pitch Softball (YC) features...
  • Optic yellow cover makes the ball easier to see under...
  • Trust a manufacturer like MacGregor to make a durable,...
  • Includes 1 dozen softballs
  • Same size as regulation softballs
  • Genuine leather cover with stitching
  • Weighted balls are designed for building arm strength...
  • Official weight and size
  • 10 oz.
  • Composite Leather Cover
  • Approved for ASA play
  • 52/300
  • Synthetic Leather Cover
  • ASA
  • 52 300
  • Franklin's official size and weight 12.0" Slow Pitch...
  • A durable optic yellow Syntex
  • With a compression rating of 375lbs and a COR of .44, these...

Softball Guide

Softball, not only in America one of the most popular sports. Also here in Germany Sportball has many supporters. There are clubs, teams and competitions all over Germany. Players and fans are excited about every game, so people are always dedicated to the sport ball.

What is softball?

at Softball it is a variant of American baseball. Even 210 million play worldwide and at the same time it stands Softball ranked fourth in the list of popular sports. Even if some people may think that this is a soft ball, that’s not the case. The game has the following basic rules: Two teams face each other with nine players. A team is in the field of defense and will do everything possible to prevent the points of the opposing team. The other team is therefore at the stroke or the offense and has the opportunity to win points. As soon as the defense team has managed to put Team Offense in the „Out“ three times, the teams change. The game goes through seven passes. The changes are called innings. During the game, they can be played in quick succession or cause pauses, requiring constant attention.

Differences between baseball and Softball

The ball consists of a robust ball of cork and has a leather surface. Because of its light weight, it flies easily and is still a little bigger than a baseball. In comparison: the Softball has a diameter of 11.5 cm, the baseball, however, only 7 cm. Another difference between baseball and softball: Here, women play mostly, while the men are dedicated to baseball. Also in Germany there are mainly female teams. Other differences to the baseball is the throwing technique pitch movement and the different size of the playing field.
Other soft balls are made of cold foam. They are meant for other sports like volleyball.

Where will be in Germany Softball played?

There are in Germany associations, These so-called fast-pitch softball leagues are always happy about new offspring. Visitors are welcome, and anyone can do a trial. How popular softball is, shows the fact that the individual leagues go into the softball league. Here we differentiated into north and south group.
In addition, there are other leagues like the German University league. These organize themselves and do not belong to the associations.

Basically every softball can play. The associations are always looking for new blood and are happy when new members join the team. A great way to pass the time, make friends and be active at the same time. Even adults can join the respective teams. There are enough teams in Germany to participate in this recreational sport. Softball is also popular in Austria and Switzerland. The leagues have not grown that far, so there is only a second league in Austria. In Switzerland it is a national league with eight teams. For the Summer Olympics 2020 softball will be represented after a break again as an Olympic sport.

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