10 Best skids of 2019

  • The Skids, Virgin Years
  • Caroline
  • Audio CD
  • Protects palm from floor burns and bruises
  • Slips on quickly and easily. Leaves the fingers and upper...
  • Used by Olympic, college, high school, club and recreational...
  • Diamond hard finish
  • Mix with one gallon of epoxy, latex or oil-based paints and...
  • Will not change the color, performance or properties of the...
  • Cleans away ground-in dirt and stains
  • Safe to use, contains no harsh chemicals
  • Leaves a protective coating to help repel dirt and stains
  • SKIDS, Scared To Dance
  • Caroline
  • Audio CD
  • Newest Design: Stylish design on the instep and anti-skid...
  • Better Material: The Combed Cotton and 100% Silica Grips...
  • Protect Anyone from Nasty Falls: These Anti-skid socks are...
  • ✅Perfect for hospital use, traveling, studio and home use
  • ✅Non Slip. Control. Balance.
  • ✅Made of breathable cotton, absorb sweat, freely breath
  • Rhino Atlantic
  • MP3 Music
  • SKIDS, Burning Cities
  • Nobad Records
  • Audio CD
  • Diamond hard finish
  • Mix with one gallon of epoxy, latex or oil-based paints and...
  • Will not change the color, performance or properties of the...

Sliding guides

Gliding shoes facilitate the sporty movement on snow and at home in winter. There are skids in different copy. In the most common variant, they can be pulled over the shoe. The shoe is equipped with two flat small metal surfaces. Similar to the skates of a skate, they enable movement on smooth surfaces. However, unlike the ice skate, it is extremely easy to travel on gliding shoes and does not require much practice.

Gliding shoes combine fun with sport – in the safe way

The principle of the strap on the shoe skids is simple and not new. Their shape is similar to the principle used by cross-country skiers to strap their feet to the ski. Unlike a ski, however, the length of the shoe corresponds approximately to that of the shoe. The smooth surface is limited to the normal shoe size. The principle of the skid in turn is known from skates ago. However, while the runners of a skate rest on the ice with a thin metal edge, the skate offers a wide surface. When moving on sliding shoes must not be respected accordingly in the form on the balance, as is the case when skating. The shoe is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to move even without much practice on ice. It combines fun with sports and is therefore popular with many people.

The shoes prove a high user-friendliness – for a reasonable price

Like skates are too skids a sports instrument – and they have a whole range of advantages in comparison. So are skids much cheaper than ice skates. Moreover, the models take the usual strap-on skids only a little space. in the backpackFor the winter holidays you can be as easily packed as can be transported shoes in winter time in a handbag or backpack. If necessary, these are so fast at hand and can be used directly. The high usability and the low price make shoe shoes also a nice gift for the winter time. They can be given to young children as well as families can equip themselves with their grandparents for the winter. Due to the comparatively low price they are cheaper than many other sports equipment for the winter. Sliding shoes thus offer a possibility for a small gift in the winter time or for a birthday. The shoes are not as expensive as for example skates, can be used sustainably and prepare the gifted in the winter an entertaining and beautiful time.

Easy to use and without any exercise

In practical use, sliding shoes are very easy to use. The sliding shoes offer their users a mobile, yet extremely firm footing. This gives the specific user a special security. They can therefore be used directly without exercise. In contrast to other means of transport of this type, sliding shoes are therefore used by people of all ages. Children without a ski course or older people, who think the ride on a skateboard is too risky, will find sliding shoes a wonderful alternative. The shoes combine movement on snow and ice with a safe footing. Sliding shoes can also be used when several generations from a family meet for a winter trip. Anyone who would like to venture onto the ice under safer conditions is well equipped with sliding shoes. There are shoes in very different variants and sizes. When making a purchase, it should be ensured that the selected sliding shoes fit well with the respective shoe size or can be firmly and reliably fastened to the foot. So the shoe sits comfortably on the foot and provides a secure footing.

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