10 Best shuttlecocks of 2019

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  • synthetic feather shuttle with the revolutionary wing rib...
  • for recreational and competitive play
  • comes in 1/2 dz tube
  • Material: Goose feather, feather, SMD lamps, Electronic...
  • The LED lights can be switched on and off easily
  • With these led shuttlecocks the fun is just beginning when...
  • 4-PACK, 4 COLOR OPTIONS: Equipped with high quality LEDs,...
  • ONE-BUTTON ACTIVATION: The LED lights can be switched on and...
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Built with goose feathers and a cork...
  • Six regulation size badminton shuttlecocks
  • Rounded cork tip for clean contact with your racket
  • Durable nylon feathers control flight
  • Colorful: 6pcs ,8 color are stay on. non-blinking.one button...
  • [HIGHT QUALITY]Built with goose feathers and using handmade...
  • [ONLY 6.7g WEIGHT]This LED Badminton is almost as light as...
  • [ONE-BUTTON ACTIVATION]With IC control, The LED lights can...
  • Stock up so badminton fun is never ended by losing...
  • Includes six colored shuttlecocks
  • Light and aerodynamic for ultimate badminton play
  • synthetic feather shuttle with the revolutionary wing rib...
  • for recreational and competitive play
  • comes in 1/2 dz tube
  • movement

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Shuttlecocks guide

Physical exercise is healthy. The possibilities are manifold. Very popular is playing badminton. It is suitable for the whole family and is fun for young and old. The right ones shuttlecocks However, like good clubs, they are indispensable. The following explains why it is so healthy and what should be considered in the selection. shuttlecocks are available in different materials. There are tips for whom is suitable.

Playing badminton – the popular pastime

Spring is here and before the summer, the winter bacon must go. The right diet and sufficient exercise help. But it does not always have to be jogging or cycling. This can be boring or demotivating in the long term. There are also sports that are a lot of fun, such as playing badminton. Although not every ball may be hit in the beginning, it still gives a lot of pleasure. You always keep moving, which is good for fitness and fitness. It also helps with weight loss, because it burns a lot of calories. If you play badminton three times a week for an hour, you will notice the many benefits it brings to your health after just four weeks. What is missing are the appropriate ones shuttlecocks , They are blown up with a racket that is also required. The opponent must try to hit the shuttlecock and strike back. Depending on whether it is beaten soft or hard and whether it is windy, this is easier or harder. With time you get better and better.

Large selection of shuttlecocks

The range offers the right one for every taste and need shuttlecocks at. The available models are made of different materials. This is primarily noticeable in the flight characteristics of the ball. Therefore, this criterion should not be disregarded in the selection. For leisure time rich shuttlecocks completely made of plastic. They are cheap to buy and very stable. Children, but also adults can handle this badminton very well. For sports or tournaments there are special shuttlecocks made of natural materials that offer better flight characteristics. They usually consist of very robust goose feathers. The dome is often made of cork, which allows a good tee. The shuttlecocks made of natural materials are more expensive than the plastic specimens. Shuttlecocks made of both materials are available individually, but also in a set. This is usually cheaper.

Plastic shuttlecocks may also differ in speed. This is shown by different colored rings:

– Red: high speeds
– Green: slow speeds
– Blue: medium speeds

Beginners are well advised with shuttlecocks at slow or medium speeds and professionals can draw on the red color. Over time, you can switch to a different color. When buying should also be paid to the processing of the shuttlecocks, because this also determines the quality.


Playing badminton can be a fascinating pastime for the entire family. It is a lot of fun and at the same time a lot of health is done. Body, mind and soul get going in a playful way. Agility, speed, coordination, responsiveness and concentration, all this is being practiced playing badminton. Professionals burn up to 1000 kilocalories within 60 minutes. This is about the consumption of one hour of very fast jogging. Depending on the application, you can choose between different shuttlecocks. For recreational sports plastic models are completely sufficient. For tournament games high quality shuttlecocks should be chosen. When buying should also be paid to criteria such as pack size and speed.

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