10 Best pedelec of 2018

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Pedelec guide

On pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle) has an electric motor up to 250 watts. This supports the driver while pedaling up to a maximum speed of 25 km / h. The degree of support can be set in several stages and adapted to the driver. Legally, the pedelecs are equal to classic bicycles. You can drive without registration and driver’s license.

Functions – the principle behind pedelecs

Pedelecs are pedal-assisted bicycles. Some also speak of the „built-in tailwind“ on the bikes. The difference to classic e-bikes is the drive. The battery does not handle the locomotion alone, but strengthens the driver’s power. This allows for easier driving and reduces physical stress. The crank movements of pedaling are determined by a sensor. This is coupled with the motor, a battery and the control electronics. When the driver steps on the pedals, the sensor registers and supports the electric motor.

Advantages and disadvantages of various pedelecs

Fast pedelecs, also called S-class or Swiss class, count as a moped and are no longer considered a bicycle. The engine assistance is deactivated only at a speed of 45 km / h, which allows for fast driving and is suitable for road traffic. The rated continuous power of the motor is up to 500 watts. In these models, however, an operating permit or individual approval of the manufacturer of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) is required. The fast bike needs an insurance license plate – much like a moped. The driver must be at least 16 years old, have an AM driving license and wear a safety helmet while driving. On the bike path, the fast pedelecs must not drive. Pedelecs in the narrower sense can not reach more than 25 km / h. They can be used without a helmet and driver’s license and may be ridden on the bicycle lane. At fast speed but the kick support is eliminated.

For what pedelec can be used

The easier driving appeals to all those who would otherwise rely on a moped or car, because cycling is too exhausting. With a pedelec But you can enjoy riding your bike – without any effort. Persons who find it difficult to drive, senior citizens or persons with limited health benefit particularly from this support. Long bike rides are feasible for everyone, even over hilly terrain, thanks to a pedelec. Pedelecs are also available in a variety of uses, such as city bikes (such as the Swemo Alu City Bike), touring bikes (such as the Leon Cycle NCM Moscow Mountain Bike) or sports bikes (such as the Leon Cycle NCM Hamburg).

What should be considered when buying?

The offer of pedelecs is great, so customers should pay attention to what they do for that pedelec want to use to find a suitable model. Most commercial pedelecs have a permissible total weight of about 120 kilograms. The weight of the wheel is about 25 to 30 kilograms. There remains a reserve for the entrained charge. If you are a bit heavier and like to transport objects by bike, you should pay attention to a high possible total weight. Some models allow a system weight of up to 300 kilograms. Particular attention is also paid to the brake system. Recommended are models with hydraulic rim or disc brakes, like those on the Powerpac City Bikeare installed. They convince even when wet. Of the saddleshould be at the right height and comfortable. The best technology for lighting is provided by LEDs that last a very long time and are cheap. Pedelecs with recuperation (energy recovery) return the energy released during braking to the battery, which increases the range. This additionally increases the braking force. Who drives very long distances, should opt for such a model.

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