10 Best Muzzle for horses of 2018

  • Padding at crown and jaw line for comfort
  • large holesin the frontfor easier breathing
  • Used to limit the intake of grass
  • Adjustable nylon halter with throat snap and ring
  • Featuring large holes in front for easy breathing
  • Made of .25 in. heavy steel bars in red
  • Used to limit the intake of grass
  • Prevents from cribbing or chewing wood
  • Size: Horse
  • Adjustable V-strap
  • Large holes for easier breathing
  • Small opening to limit intake
  • Padded Noseband
  • Controlled Grass Intake
  • 4 Way Adjustable System with hook and loop Breakaway
  • Halter and muzzle combination
  • Controls over-eating by limiting intake
  • Adjustable System with padded noseband
  • Size: Pony
  • Designed for complete comfort. The Waffle basket is lined...
  • Our grazing muzzle will reduce the risk of laminitis from...
  • Fleece wool padding
  • Full adjustability
  • Field-safe fastenings
  • Poly/nylon web muzzle for controlling over eating by...
  • Large holes in front for easy breathing
  • Easily attaches to halter with three "quick grip" tabs

Muzzle for horses guide

On Muzzle for horses is used by horse owners for various purposes. He can limit the feed intake or completely avoid it. It also prevents the horse from biting. However, there are also cases where you turn against one muzzleshould decide. In the following the functions as well as the pros and cons are clarified and what to look for when buying.

Functions of a muzzle

When horses are aggressive, a muzzle can prevent them from biting other animals and riders. Often it is also used to reduce the intake of grass in the pasture. Through the slots, the horse can absorb the food much slower. There are also muzzles that completely prevent feeding, for example, when the horse needs to be prepared for surgery. If the animal tries to extract the threads with its teeth after an operation, the use of a muzzle may make sense, so that the wound does not rupture.

Advantages and disadvantages of a muzzle

A good muzzle offers the advantage that the horse can graze longer on the meadow due to the lower feed intake. When grass and hay are eaten too quickly and in large quantities, the food is poorly digested and the nutrients are poorly utilized. In addition, excessive consumption of fresh grass can cause laminitis. Therefore, if a glutton must stay alone in its box, it will have a negative impact on social behavior. The same applies to snappy horses. A muzzle ensures that even animals that bite or eat too much can spend time with other horses in the pasture. On the other hand, horses feel a muzzle as annoying. You have to get used to it, but even after a certain period of adjustment, a horse prefers to walk around without a muzzle. Since the mutual grooming is prevented, the communication and social bond between the animals suffers.

What should you pay attention to when buying?

Who decides after thorough consideration for the purchase of a muzzle should pay attention to a lot. A good muzzle provides a high level of comfort and does not rub the horse. In addition, it is important that it is made of high quality material, so as not to endanger the health of the animal. Products like the „greenguard muzzle“ guarantee sufficient air circulation. Respiration and absorption of water should never be impaired. There must be enough grass through the grid to keep the horse from starving. To minimize the risk of injury, a tight fit is necessary. Muzzles such as the „Hy Muzzle Muzzle“ offer high stability – of course, only if they are applied correctly. If a horse gets stuck with the muzzle or its holder somewhere, it quickly panics. This can easily hurt you. Therefore, a muzzle should definitely be chosen, this one riskkeeps as low as possible.

A muzzle should only be used if it is really useful. If one decides to use a muzzle, the behavior of the horse must be observed for some time. One has to keep an eye on whether the animal eats enough and how far it is affected. In many cases a muzzle is the right choice, but it should always be used wisely.

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