10 Best flask of 2019

  • Stainless steel-rustproof
  • Integrated lanyard-never lose the cap
  • Leak proof wide mouth
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • SAVE YOUR SPENDING MONEY: Includes 2 convincing sunscreen...
  • 10 SHOTS TOTAL: Perfect for a day out with friends, cruises,...
  • UNIQUE DESIGNS: 15 SPF and 30 SPF sunscreen bottle designs...
  • 8 oz Stainless Steel Flask and Funnel Set of 6
  • You will receive 6 pieces Stainless Steel Flask and 6 pieces...
  • Laser Welded for a Leak Proof Seal, Lifetime Warranty
  • Shappy
  • Kitchen
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Each Booze Tube Holds 1 fl. oz.
  • Simply slip our leak proof booze tube (test tube) in sleeve,...
  • Stainless steel-rustproof
  • Integrated lanyard-never lose the cap
  • Leak proof wide mouth
  • 😎😎 BRING ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE - 2 Large 10oz...

Hip Flask Guide

General information about flask

At the flask It is a small and flat bottle, mostly made of stainless steel or another robust and corrosion-free metal. Its origin took the flask already in the late Middle Ages, where he was filled with alcohol on long tours in hand luggage and kept from cold and boredom. Even today, flax men enjoy great popularity and are suitable as gifts, to take along on hikes or for the ski tour in the mountains. In different colors and finishes, with or without engraving and personalized pictures is a flask especially in the men’s world a popular and gladly taken along companion on different trips.

Function of a hip flask

On flask It is used to fill up liquor or other alcoholic beverages for transport and to enjoy a small amount of „encouragement“ or „mood maker“ on the go. Each flask has a tight screw cap, so that the container does not leak and easily in hiking luggage, in the travel bag or in the suitcasecan be stored. About the content can only guess, because the hip flask made of non-transparent material and is designed in a timeless, modern or very individual design. Hip flasks have only one purpose: they serve to carry alcohol and are shaped so that they are in the shirt or suit pocketand find a place in the back pocket. The cap can be turned and simply closed again after a sip from the hip flask. The little sip on the way does not have to go hand in hand with the purchase of a glass hip flask and its contents, but can be a highlight in terms of eye-catching style with a sophisticated hip flask, stylish and according to your own idea of ​​a packaging for alcohol. On top of that, hip flats are sturdy and virtually indestructible, even if they fall off or come into contact with a hard surface.

Advantages and disadvantages

Men appreciate the benefits of hip flasks and like to take them with them if they want to take alcohol for a hike, a trip with friends or a tour on the slopes. Even on hot summer days, the content of the flask remains pleasantly cool and is protected from the effects of UV radiation and other weather conditions. Another advantage is the handy shape, which fits perfectly in the shirt pocket or suit pocket and in the back pocket of the jeans. Since a hip flask has an ergonomic and slightly curved shape, it does not bother in the pockets and can be transported without pressure marks on the body. There are no disadvantages, if one does not consider the hip flask as a seduction to drink alcohol and with a sip on the way can not identify. Hip flasks are very popular with men.

Knowledgeable facts about buying

Already at the purchase decides, whether one has chosen high quality or the quality has given little importance. High-quality flasks are absolutely robust and safe, do not allow any drops to escape and are always securely closed during transport. Based on reviews of other buyers can be found out which manufacturer and which model particularly convinced and meets the highest standards. Alternatively, you can also look for models that are personalized with an engraving and designed to be the perfect gift with a personal touch. With the hip flask you do not have to dig deep into your pocket, if you want to decide on quality and still concentrate on favorable conditions. A price comparison is also helpful, but should be done only after the comparison of the product features and reviews of other buyers. For every budget, there is a wide selection of different designs and models, so that you can decide individually on the hip flask and must make no compromises when buying.

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