10 Best Electric golf cart of 2018

  • Remote controlled golf caddy
  • Airless rubber tires
  • Dual 200W motors
  • Forward and reverse gears
  • Working horn and warning buzzer
  • Realistic canopy
  • Item Length: 33
  • Item Height: 15
  • Item Width: 23
  • Forward and reverse gears
  • Working horn and warning buzzer
  • Realistic canopy
  • Used on all 1986-current E-Z-GO 36 Volt Electric Vehicles...
  • Provides the electrical energy necessary to activate the...
  • 36-volt, 4 terminal Heavy-duty solenoid with Copper Contacts
  • Cart will follow you on the course
  • Latest Bluetooth follow technology.Folded Size: 12.55 inches...
  • Remote control: forward, left, right & Reverse controls
  • Includes: (1) 6" RHOX Spindle Lift Kit for Club Car...
  • NOT INCLUDED: The Golf Cart that is in the picture
  • This wheel and tire combo measures 23 inches tall (from...
  • Electric Street Legal Golf Cart

Electric golf cart guide

On Electric golf cart is a small vehicle equipped with an electric motor and for transporting golfers

and their equipment is particularly suitable for golf courses. The golf cart is available in various models and sizes and is mainly available as a two-seater. There is enough space for two golf bags on the cargo area, but golf clubs also offer special models that can accommodate up to six people. These are mainly used by people with disabilities or by the tournament management to be on the spot as quickly as possible.

The equipment of Electric golf cart

In large and small golf courses, the golf cart is now regarded as a full-fledged means of transport, but it may not be used on public roads. However, road approval may be obtained by retrofitting the lights, license plate bracket and some security measures. In the 1930s and 1950s, golf carts were used primarily for people with physical disabilities, only later were they used to promote golfers and the tournament management at tournaments. A golf cart is mostly covered and in the rear area there is an area for the golf bags. These can be safely stowed with a belt. The Electric golf cart usually reaches a speed of 20 km / h, some models can reach speeds up to 40 km / h. The automatic operation of the Golfcart requires no gear, a brake, an accelerator pedal, a horn and a handbrake are the equipment here. In addition, the golf carts are equipped with turn signals and lights to ensure the safety of people and carts.

The use of golf carts on the golf course

Throughout Germany golf carts can now be used in practice or tournaments to transport participants and their equipment on most golf courses. These can be rented at the golf club and used for 9-hole or 18-hole games. When using the golf cart, however, the rules for golf courses must be observed in order to keep the dangers and injuries of persons away. Scenic challenging golf courses meanwhile also require special carts, hilly landscapes require stable axles and tires with special profiles in order to be able to handle even difficult terrain. Meanwhile, the electric motors are also powered by solar cells. These are located on the roof of the golf cart and transform the solar energy into electricity. However, a golf cart must always maintain a safe distance to water surfaces and ponds.

The advantages of certain features in golf cart

Some electric golf carts are now equipped with a fail-safe parking brake, which is automatically activated when the golf cart stops. The activation of the parking brake via a foot pedal is no longer necessary. This provides additional security when using the Golfcart. Even on steep roads and uneven terrain, the automatic brake activates automatically when the gradient is around 40 degrees. As a result, a constant speed can be maintained while driving and with each braking operation are the batteriessimultaneously charged by the golf cart. This achieves greater efficiency and drastically reduces the operating costs of the Golfcart. The use of the Golfcart can be increased up to 30 percent, a longer use is guaranteed.

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