10 Best climbing hold of 2018

  • CAD/CAM master for perfect symmetry
  • Dimensions: 28" x 8.75" (711 mm x 222 mm)
  • Create your own climbing wall or add a feature to your swing...
  • Set of 12 bolt-on climbing rocks made of tough plastic
  • Comes with a pair of playground safety handles for...
  • 25 Mixed Sized Screw on Rock Climbing Holds.
  • Realistic rock like feel and texture. Made from recycled...
  • Popular with boyscouts, military, gyms and parents.
  • 25 Mixed Sized Screw on Rock Climbing Holds.
  • Realistic rock like feel and texture. Made from recycled...
  • Popular with boyscouts, military, gyms and parents.
  • Purchase larger quantities of holds at lower pricing
  • Random selection of shapes within the given hold size
  • Includes hardware
  • FITactic
  • High quality realistic rock climbing holds.
  • Designed for secure climbing.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Weatherproof- Water Proof, Wearproof, and UV Proof
  • Perfect for Professional Use
  • Made from Recycled, Natural, and Non Toxic Materials
  • HIGH QUALITY | The new antiskid design and sturdy industrial...
  • PRACTICAL | Fun, safe, durable, open-hand design. Muscles...
  • CHALLENGING | Spherical shape increases forearm and grip...

Climbing handle guide

Some athletes are satisfied with dumbbells in the home gym, others go high. For the latter, climbing holds offer, which can be mounted on interior or exterior walls as well as on bunk beds.
Climbing holds are familiar to ambitious hobby climbers from climbing gyms or bouldering walls, and the handles for their own use are not technically different from the professionally mounted variants. So if you like to climb yourself or let the little ones climb, you need a compact overview of the available climbing holds.

What are climbing holds and who are they suitable for?

Climbing grips are designed to simulate interventions on natural rock formations on smooth surfaces such as room walls or facades. There are very different types of handles, which sometimes offer an ergonomic inlet for the whole hand, sometimes require a special grip with a few fingers and sometimes provide the foot with enough space to support. As a result, different levels of difficulty can be set up at home and simple, as well as demanding, climbing exercises can be completed with just a few climbing holds.
The plastic of the outer material is usually slightly roughened and thus allows a good grip, even slightly sweaty hands.
Set climbing holds are sold either as a solid set or as a colorful mix. Since a single set for building a domestic course is rarely sufficient, mountaineers can coordinate with the appropriate climbing grips colored routes. That’s how many people behave Klettertürmeor Boulderhallen, just with limited space can be climbed here different levels of difficulty.
Climbing is a great full-body workout and requires less arms and shoulders than beginners often think. At home, the structure of the climbing grips should rather be based on bouldering – it is climbed horizontally at low altitude. Otherwise, without mats for the inevitable fall increases the risk of injury.

Between professional sports and children’s leisure

Climbing grips differed in difficulty levels and sizes. The holding power of a handle depends more on the screws and dowels used, but adults are more likely to have problems with small childrens handles than vice versa. Small hands will find a place even in large handles, but for adult climbers and ambitious athletes, child grips are not only too small and uncomfortable, but usually too simple.
Especially for children, in addition to the classic climbing holds, there are also handles in patterns. Here, animals, stars or hearts are mounted on the wall, which is of course not only suitable for climbing but also as decoration.
When buying, climbers should always pay attention to whether screws and dowels are included. Climbing holds are rarely sold individually, but mostly in larger sets. Especially with cheap offers it usually lacks screws and dowels and these must be purchased in addition. Per climbing hold One or two holes are common, depending on the size and function of the handle.
When mounting, the distances between the handles should be carefully chosen, each climber has different wishes and preferences.
Basically, of course, a varied selection of climbing holds help to keep the routes fresh. Even a few high-volume handles can create very varied routes due to their variance in the angle.
If climbing grips are sold individually, these are usually very special grips. These create a great highlight between the climbing holds of set sets.

The mountain is calling – even at home!

Climbing grips or climbing grips are an interesting sporting change for children, adolescents or adults and offer climbing training on the inside and outside walls.
Climbing trains balance, promotes muscle strength and self-confidence and is a varied training alternative, which is not a problem with the right handles in the home four walls.
Home climbers only need the correspondingly large and stable wall (or for children loft bedmade of wood) and can distribute climbing holds via various routes.

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