10 Best chessboard of 2019

  • Dal Rossi Italy Brand
  • 20" Chess Set
  • Chess Board/Box with Compartments
  • Beautiful Chess Set with Hand Carved Board and Pieces
  • Incredible Detail
  • King 4.5"(11cm), Queen 3.66"(9.3cm), Pawn 2.28"(5.8cm)
  • This perfectly sized travel chess set is small enough to...
  • The board measures 9.7 x 9.7 x .95 inches (24.8 x 24.8 x 2.4...
  • Magnetic board and playing pieces allow for more ease of...
  • Harper Perennial
  • David Talbot
  • Publisher: Harper Perennial
  • Foldable board
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Quality construction
  • This set meets the World Chess Federation's (FIDE) height...
  • Sturdy, 90% Plastic Filled Chessmen with a 3.75 in. King -...
  • 34 Tournament Chess Pieces (2 Extra Queens)
  • Elegant metal chess pieces
  • Finely crafted wooden inlaid chess board
  • Chess board doubles as storage for chess pieces
  • Dal Rossi Italy Brand
  • 20" Chess Set
  • Chess Board/Box with Compartments
  • 🎲Take Family Game Night to the next level with the...
  • 🎲There's a game for every age and every skill level!...
  • 🎲Perfect Gift: This is the ultimate board game gift...
  • This unique, hand crafted and exotic chess set is hand...
  • These handsomely designed chess pieces are made of Hornbeam...
  • The chess pieces have been carefully crafted, lighhtly...

Chessboard Guidebook

The Chessis for players who like to try strategies and sharpen their ability to combine. The strategic game has lost some of its splendor in recent years, given by the great chess masters. Furthermore, many chess tournaments and world chess championships are still held. Chess is one of the most popular games in every age group in the world. If you are not a world champion, but still enjoy the game with king and queen, you can simply play a game of chess on an elegant chessboard delight. The purchase criteria for the selection of the matching chess board are shown here.

The history of chess

The word chess is a tradition from the Persian language and means as much as king. But that’s not the only thing that makes chess a truly royal game. Because the board game is played until the king is surrounded by his opponent and has no other option but to surrender and to be defeated by checkmate. But that’s not the only thing that makes the game so exciting. Meanwhile, there are a variety of strategies that can be used to protect the king and the opponent in the barriers. This goes from pawn sacrifice to castling over many more sophisticated moves that make up the appeal of this strategy game.

The chessboard

The chessboard is divided into eight fields. Sixteen white and sixteen black fields are arranged alternately on the board with the square shape. The figures of the chess game will be on the chessboard established. Sixteen figures consisting of eight peasants, seven officers, including the queen and the king will be on the chessboard established. The farmers form a line in front of the court. From this position already the first decisive moves are made, all of which have only one goal: to beat as many pieces of the opponent and encircle the king

The advantages of chess

– Promote concentration and vision
– calming
– Promoting social behavior in a game for two

The checkerboard types

The most diverse types of chess boards are available in the trade. Everything is offered there, from the high-quality wooden chess board to the simple little cardboard game with plastic figures. Even for beginners it is worthwhile to choose a noble chess board instead of a cheap plastic model, which has an elegant look. After all, the fun should not be lost while playing. By the way, the wooden chessboard is a good eye-catcher in a showcase or on an expensive living room table. Recommended and suitable for beginners are in addition the chess computer, which it as an alternative to PCgives. These are chess boards in which a chip is integrated, via which an electronic player can be switched on.

The different models at a glance

The classic chessboard:

– attractive appearance
– large board marked with letters and numbers
– only if a lot of space is available, recommended
– are available in a set or separately – figures and board

The classic large chessboard is made of wood and this includes beautifully shaped wooden figures in a sophisticated design. This chess board is for the true chess lover, who also has enough space to present the beautiful piece in the apartment appealing.

boxed set

– nice look
– big board
– Chessboard figures are simply stowed in the board
– packed to save space
– Practical with folding mechanism
– well suited for living spaces with little space

The chess cassette is the practical variant of the chessboard. It can be a pleasant pastime while traveling, as the figures can easily be stowed inside the closed board. The board fits in every pocket. At home, the chessboard and the figures can be found in the closettake his place.

Chess computer

– Single game against a chess computer
– The game can be learned or improved
– Pleasant pastime in between
– Simple chessboard with figures made of plastic

The chess computer is well suited to learning chess or practicing various game strategies.

Which chessboard is the right one?

The wooden chess set by de-monte is elegant and practical at the same time. Because it also offers the possibility of storing the figures inside the set, so that it saves space. The Woodeyland PRIME CHW01 was hand-crafted from fine cherry wood and offers, in addition to a sophisticated appearance, the practical storage possibility of the figures in the collapsible board. The Millennium Karpov Chess School is a game board with integrated chess computer. It can be easily operated and offers many game variants.

Chessboard Rice grain Exponential growth

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