10 Best Camping toilet of 2019

  • GO IN COMFORT ANYWHERE: Whether heading off for an...
  • #1 PORTABLE TRAVEL TOILET: Boating enthusiasts, frequent...
  • EXTRA LARGE TOILET TANK: The 5.3 gallon toilet tank holds...
  • Highly portable, collapsible toilet with integrated handle;...
  • Folds down to five inches high for easy transport
  • 300-pound weight capacity with leg locking system
  • Compact, portable toilet for use camping, boating, or in RVs
  • White plastic molded seat on heavy-duty tubular steel legs
  • Bags are held in place by a removable plastic ring
  • The seat uses a simple Snap-On feature to secure itself to...
  • Length: 13.00 width: 1.50 height: 14.00
  • Weight: 1.10lbs
  • Sturdy personal toilet features a full-sized seat and lid...
  • Our outdoor toilet has a 3-gallon freshwater holding tank...
  • The freshwater tank and waste tank disconnect with...
  • Compact, portable toilet for use camping, boating, or in RVs
  • White plastic molded seat on heavy-duty tubular steel legs
  • Bags are held in place by a removable plastic ring
  • Fits most 3, 5 and 6--Gallon pails
  • Lightweight so you can easily carry it to any location
  • Use for camping, hunting, emergencies or any place away from...
  • Five gallon bucket with toilet seat, lid attachment, and...
  • Seat snaps securely onto rim of bucket
  • Easy to clean and lightweight
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  • The single door U shape zipper provides a safe and sound...
  • GO IN COMFORT ANYWHERE: Whether heading off for an...
  • #1 PORTABLE TRAVEL TOILET: Boating enthusiasts, frequent...
  • EXTRA LARGE TOILET TANK: The 5.3 gallon toilet tank holds...

Camping toilet guide

Camping is the most popular way of Germans to go on holiday. Often it is the same campsite, which brings many friendships and beautiful hours. While sanitary facilities are available for body cleansing and human needs in each of these places, many are uncomfortable with many people using the facilities. In order not to have to quit in the bushes, there is a practical invention: The Camping toilet ,

The mobile bathroom

Who is traveling with a caravan on vacation, does not need to opt for a permanent place. He can sleep somewhere else every day. It is only important that the camper can do his daily body cleaning and care, especially if children are present. So that they do not need to perform their needs in the forest, the American company Thetford has the Camping toilet invented. It is also often referred to as a cassette toilet because of its construction, some say mobile Toilet, It has the great advantage that you can go to the toilet always and everywhere, especially at night or when children need urgently. She is in a separate room, sometimes she is also in the mobile bathroom of the caravan. This varies from model to model.

Construction of the mobile toilet

Camping toilets consist of two parts. On the one hand from a permanently attached toilet and on the other hand from a kind of box, in which the human need is collected. This box, which slides like a cassette under the toilet, is removable via the outer wall for emptying. Here are two different models: Camping toilets for connection to the fresh water tank of the caravan and those with their own supply of rinse water. If the mobile toilet is connected to the fresh water tank, it is urgent to pay attention to the rigorous and hygienic separation of the water pipes. Otherwise, fecal germs can enter the line and contaminate the drinking water. For cassette toilets with their own rinsing water, there is an integrated vacuum interrupter, which must be retrofitted on separate water pipes. The construction of camping toilets is relatively easy. They consist of:

– The control panel, also flush button, as in a conventional toilet
– The pump that pushes the water into the rinse nozzle
– the rinsing nozzle that washes away the feces
– the vacuum interrupter, which prevents the return of the water
– The slide lever, through which the water enters the cassette
– The cassette itself, get into the all feces
– The float, which monitors the level of the cassette by means of a float
– The emptying tube, which empties the contents of the cassette via a service flap
– the fan (only optional), which works like a fanworks to channel any odors through the filter

Eyes open at the camping toilet purchase

Who is one? Camping toilet would like to buy sufficiently beforehand. On the one hand because there are many different models of mobile toilets with different functions. For another, because a good one Camping toilet should meet certain minimum standards so that the holiday is not adversely affected. For example, camping toilets should have a large tank so they do not have to be emptied every 1-2 hours. In addition, it should be as easy to use as the toilet at home, even from the comfort of no major cuts. It is also always better to choose a robust model that does not have to constantly check its features. Finally, the level gauge should be easy to see to prevent the tank from overflowing.

Versatile offer

Camping toilets are available in a variety of designs for a wide variety of needs. So there are these toilets with tanks for 15, 16 or 21 liters, with bellows or piston pump, models with comfortable seat heights, with or without vent valve and with a non-stick coating, with their help little or no residue. As a rule, all models can be loaded up to a maximum of 130 kg. There are also differences in the tube for emptying, this is either stable or pivoting.

Important note for emptying a Camping toilet

Basically, it is forbidden to simply give the contents of camping toilets into the wild. On the one hand because there are forest regulations, on the other hand because the tanks are additionally filled with chemical sanitary liquids. The mobile toilets may only be disposed of in designated places, which are usually found on campsites. These special cleaning stations are either connected to the sewage system or are regularly emptied regularly by the wastewater department of the cities at regular intervals. You do not have to worry about transporting the camping toilet. These are often provided with a handle and are well sealed, so that neither something can leak nor that odors escape to the outside. That’s why they fit great in bags or Backpackswhen the way to the next cleaning station is further away.

The question after that

There is a small point of contention regarding the camping toilets and it is about the „right“ Toilet paper, Many are of the opinion that normal toilet paper is sufficient. At home you take only normal toilet paper and this is flushed away as usual on the sewer. Years of campers, on the other hand, believe that specialty paper that dissolves itself is best. Basically, it does not matter which toilet paper is used for the camping toilet, as both varieties are officially allowed. Special paper is just more expensive.

useful information

Anyone who chooses a camping toilet is always on the safe side in the event of a fall. However, some hints should be respected or some points should be considered, because even minor things can cause more damage.

– Choosing the right place for camping toilets is important. Always make sure that they are on a level surface that can be wiped off easily
– Before using for the first time, it is urgently necessary to check with clear water whether the cassette is tight. Without testing, it can be too
unpleasant surprises are coming
– It is also important to rinse some water in the bowl before using it for the first time
– When using conventional toilet paper, it is better to have one next to the camping toilet Trashcandeliver. So she can not clog
– When the holiday is over and the next one is due again next year, rinse the camping toilets thoroughly with sanitary cleaner, rinse with clean water and then store in a dry and clean place. To keep the sealing rings supple, they are rubbed in with a little grease

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