10 Best Bicycle reflector of 2018

  • 360¡ reflection for improved visibility
  • 70mm Long each
  • Fits all standard spoked (1.8 - 2.0mm diameter)
  • 2 short wheel reflectors
  • 1-front reflector with handlebar mount
  • 1-rear reflector with 27.2 clamp mount
  • Specifications: Color: red
  • Dimension: Approx. 95 X 38 mm Bolts distance: 50mm
  • 360¡ reflection for improved visibility
  • 70mm Long each
  • Fits all standard spoked (1.8 - 2.0mm diameter)
  • 2 wheel reflectors
  • 2 Brackets
  • 1-front reflector (steerer tube mount)
  • Color: Red (Rear); White (Front). Reflective lens only,...
  • Apply for most bicycle with reflector bracket. Bring you...
  • Bike reflectors, love riding friends indispensable things,...
  • 360 degree reflection for improved visibility, Make your...
  • Fits all standard spoked (1.8 - 2.0mm diameter)
  • Give a strong reflection under the light irradiation
  • Specifications: Color: red
  • Dimension: Approx. 95 X 38 mm Bolts distance: 50mm
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Rain or shine, summer or winter-any...
  • Eady to install
  • Spoke mounted
  • 2 per set

Bicycle Reflector Guide

Reflectors on the bike are essential to ensure safety while cycling. Only with correctly mounted reflectors can cyclists be seen by other road users early and in the dark. Thus, this particular form of lighting on the bike effectively helps to prevent accidents. When choosing the reflectors, however, there is a lot to consider.

The duty to mount reflectors on the bike

In the section „Lighting equipment on bicycles“, the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations regulate exactly how and where the reflectors have to be attached to the bicycle. For example, laterally aligned reflectors are aligned on the pedals, reflectors also have to be attached to the spokes of the wheels. The same applies to the red reflector on the rear of the bike: it must consist of a headlight and a reflector. The white light on the front of the bike must also be combined with a reflector. This is to ensure that the most vulnerable cyclists are seen in traffic: The reflectors throw back incoming light back and shine so, which is particularly good to see from the side view. Anyone who violates this order must usually expect a fine: those who drive without lights, pay 20 euros. With a risk to other road users, the fine increases to 25 euros, is caused by the lack of light an accident, 35 euros are claimed.

The choice of suitable reflectors for the bike

Who wants to mount reflectors on the bike, has now a fairly large selection. While previously only the typical yellow cat’s eyes were allowed on the spokes, reflectors may today also be silver or white. In the meantime deviations are also permitted in the form: The cat’s eyes may also be replaced by lines that are led along the spokes. There are also stripes that reflect the light and are guided along the tire. At the reflector strips at bicycle tiresHowever, it should be noted that the tires are naturally very quickly contaminated by use on dirt roads and in bad weather – this also affects the attached reflector. So here is a regular cleaning necessary. The same applies to the strips that are mounted on the spokes. In many cases, the typical cat eyes thus still prove to be a wise purchase, with yellow has also proved to be a particularly eye-catching color. The combination of different types of reflectors is also always made frequently to be able to be optimally seen in any light. However, care must be taken to ensure that other road users are not dazzled by excessive reflectors.

Purchase and installation of the reflectors

Basically, the purchase of the reflectors is of course a matter of taste. However, when selecting the product, high quality should be ensured to ensure the longevity of the reflectors. Most reflectors are made of transparent Plexiglas, formerly made of glass was common. Meanwhile, it has also become common to mount both the front and the rear light including a reflector: lamp and reflector are combined here in one product, which means less effort for assembly and usually also lower costs for the purchase. The installation of the reflectors designed in most cases as relatively simple. Most models are attached to the spokes via clips or clamps and can therefore be attached very easily. Only some reflectors need to be bolted, and this with a screwdrivercan also be made quickly. It is important to note that the reflectors are fixed and can not slip. In addition, the reflectors should be positioned so that they are parallel to the rim. Only in this way can an optimal incidence of light be made possible.

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