10 Best belt of 2018

  • 3 web straps one buckle
  • One size fits all up to 42
  • 2 percent zinc
  • Canvas Multicolored Braided Belts
  • Medium fits waist 32 33 34 35 / Large fits waist 36 37 38 39...
  • Gloss Solid Metal buckle fastening / Polyester-blend soft...
  • Classic belt featuring logo-stamped accent and single-prong...
  • Feather edging with tonal topstitching
  • 100% leather belt, Nickel-free Alloy Buckle
  • 1.25" wide belt, suitable for size 30-54 waist, plz buy one...
  • Black and brown reversable belt, silver single prong buckle...
  • No more holes - Dante's Fashion Ratchet Belt provides 38...
  • EASY USE - Just slide the belt into the buckle and pull the...
  • Maximum durability - Leather strap is a bit wider than...
  • GENUINE MEN'S LEATHER BELT: The Timberland Men's Classic...
  • CASUAL OR DRESS BELT: This men's leather belt is perfect for...
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Timberland products are made to...
  • Classic belt featuring logo-stamped accent and single-prong...
  • Feather edging with tonal topstitching
  • 3 web straps one buckle
  • One size fits all up to 42
  • 2 percent zinc
  • High quality men's dress leather belts constructed from 100%...
  • Synthic Apparel belts features a classic smooth finish and...
  • ALL LEATHER: Even the inside filler of the belt is made with...

Strap advisor

The term belt has its origin in the High German language. Translated means belt torn strip. As belt are generally elongated, mainly made of flexible materials, elongated strips called. belt are used in a variety of different areas.

Areas of application of belt

Belts are versatile. They are used among others in the following areas:

– prayer belt
– Shipping
– Belt
– shoelaces (made of leather)
– shaving accessories, strops
– equestrian sports (tailstrap, puller straps, ascending straps)
– Weapons accessories, Faustriemen
– Ski accessories, leash
– Packing belt
– Industry for transmission of torque / traction (transmission belt)

Lanyards are used to prevent the loss of items. Belts, for example the product Tiefschneeband from manufacturer Dynafit, are primarily used for ski touring. Their task is to prevent the loss of objects in case of a fall. They continue to be a bobsleigh, toboggan, scuba diving, shooting sport and various outdoor activities a useful companion.

Faustriemen are needed to securely fasten batons or stabbing weapons. These belts are available in narrow and wide versions.

Tail straps are 2 to 3 cm wide straps which are attached to the harness or upper end of the saddle. Puller belts are part of the Pferdehalfters. He should prevent a horse from opening his mouth. Risers are attached to the front saddle part. They serve inexperienced riders both as a safety grip and as a climbing aid.

The prayer belt is made of leather-made black straps, which are equipped with square, small capsules. In them are Bible texts on parchment paper. Prayer belts are worn by Orthodox Jews for each morning prayer.

Driving belts are characterized by particularly high flexibility, high temperature resistance, durability, maximum tear resistance and low elongation. They are used in industrial enterprises, among other things as a conveyor belt and elevator belt.

A classic belt is the V-belt. These drivable belts have the shape of a trapeze. V-belts are available in different versions. V-belts are based on the fact that the belt flanks exert a significantly higher pressure force. They can be used to transmit a higher propulsion power despite a constant space requirement. For the model V-belt T5 x 355 of the manufacturer stepperFor example, it is the variant toothed belt. This V-belt has been designed for use in stepper motors.

V-belts are available in different variants. They are offered as „serrated V-belts“, „open-sided V-belts“, „narrow V-belts“ and as classic V-belts. They are used, inter alia, as drive belts in alternators fans and hydraulic pumps in motor vehicles. A vehicle V-belt, for example, the product AVX 10×1030 of the company Top Industrieteile is usually made of rubber and is additionally equipped with a steel cable or textile insert. V-belts are also used in washing machines, mowers and other household appliances.

Packing belts are manufactured in different lengths and widths. You also will be luggage strapscalled. Packing straps are travel accessories that are indispensable. They ensure that the luggage does not accidentally open, causing items to be lost. Most of the length-adjustable straps also help prevent baggage confusion at the airport or during group travel. Some pack straps, such as Eonpow’s 157-inch pack strap and Pearl’s TSA-certified lanyard, are also equipped with combination locks for increased safety. Particularly useful are length-adjustable straps. They can be used for different pieces of luggage, so not for everyone suitcaseand each bag a separate luggage belt must be purchased.

Strops are used to improve the sharpness of razor bladesstarts. They are made of high quality leather and available in different widths and lengths. Strops are used after the use of the grindstone.

Tips for Buying Belts

The following factors must be considered when purchasing belts:

– Usage
– Material
– Dimensions
– adjustability
– Material
– Processing
– desired additional equipment

Advantages of straps

– versatile

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