10 Best Badminton net of 2018

  • GAME ON! - Play badminton, modified volleyball, tennis,...
  • TRAVEL READY - With its convenient carrying case, you can...
  • RAPID SETUP AND TAKEDOWN - Set up your net in just 3-5 mins,...
  • EASY SETUP - Sets up in Minutes - No tools required
  • PLAY ANYWHERE - All parts and accessories store into the...
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • 18-Ply nylon badminton netting w/ 3/4" square mesh
  • 1.5" headband with nylon rope cable for easy hanging
  • REPLACEMENT NET is 20' x 1.5' x 1.5"
  • 3 PLY volleyball or badminton net is suitable for 1.25" or...
  • EASY Sleeve Net
  • 21 foot badminton net with 2 mm steel cable
  • Tournament quality 18 ply braided nylon
  • Double stitched 1 ½ inch nylon reinforced vinyl headband...
  • Size: Approx.6m x 0.79m(L*W)
  • Easily tied-on for simple installation Badminton Accessory
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • 18-Ply nylon badminton netting w/ 3/4" square mesh
  • 1.5" headband with nylon rope cable for easy hanging
  • BACKYARD OR BEACH FUN begins with this complete Badminton...
  • INCLUDES: 20' X 1.5' X 1.5" all-weather net. Poles are 1"...
  • (4) "Tight String" tempered steel racquets and (2)...
  • 30-inch x 21-foot official size yellow badminton net
  • Rope cable top keeps your net taut
  • 4-inch sleeved side pockets reinforce and prevent snapping
  • 【Durable net】The net made of high tenacity polyester...
  • 【Freestanding Net】This freestanding net has no fixing in...
  • 【Height adjustable】 Adjustable height(2.5"-5") for...

Badminton net guidebook

On Badminton net is a sports network for playing various types of so-called kickback games. In a backlash game, balls with feathers or a plastic crown are knocked over a net. The sports net is suitable both for the play of two single players as well as for the double play between two teams with two players each and can be used both for training purposes as well as in the tournament practice. Since badminton is a particularly fast-paced game requiring endurance, this sport is often popular with both younger and older people. He is also offered in many sports halls as a fitness program. Fun and sport can be combined in a fun and enjoyable way.

The history of badminton begins as a colonial product

Badminton in its present form dates back to 1872 in England. An English country manor – known as the Badminton House – presented a very special game this year. An English officer had observed this in the then English colony of India and wanted to present it to his compatriots. He did this with great success. The game, which is thus a kind of colonial product, enjoyed a special popularity. 20 years later, a badminton association was founded. With its speed and its own opportunities for tactical play badminton is still a popular hobby sport as well as a challenge for professionals. So badminton is by no means just a little hobby sport. The game is an integral part of the Olympic Games and is also popular with the public. Boredom does not come up in the face of such a game anyway.

The net as a challenge in the dynamic game

In contrast to games like the badminton badminton is not about keeping the ball in the air for as long as possible. Like tennis, badminton targets the exact opposite: to hit the ball back so that the opponent does not catch it. Accordingly, playing on a real net in both games in the first place the attraction of this sport. Compared to tennis, the playing field in badminton is much smaller. In a professional badminton game this measures 13.40 meters in length and 6.10 meters in width. The net is suspended at the posts with a height of 1.55 meters and in the middle of the net with a height of 1.524 meters. There is an own DIN standard (DIN EN 1509), which must correspond to nets, so that they can be used in official badminton tournaments. If you also want to play with a tournament-oriented network in everyday life, you can follow this norm. The small playing field and the light clubs give the game a dynamic and special speed.

Advantages of different network variants

For badminton there are different types of networks. A good net for hobbies and general training is flexible and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition to networks that are limited to the actual network, there are also products in which a bracket is equal mitgliefert that keeps the network at the right height. If you are so equipped, you do not have to worry about attaching the net and the right height and can start the game quickly and easily. With the right equipment, the game can easily play in parks, on meadows or in the garden. In addition to the network, no other major equipment for badminton need to be purchased. With a badminton racket and two badminton rackets you are – at least for the amateur sport – already well equipped. Badminton rules are not hard to learn. On the use of materials that many are already known from the badminton, the basic features of the game can be acquired without great expenditure of time. The development of speed and technical skill in turn can be achieved through concentration and continuous training.

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