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Fisherman scale advisor

A Angler scale is a useful accessory in the tackle box, Although one belongs Angler scale not to the equipment that an angler needs to carry with them, but it is needed if you want to document the weight of the catch. Many anglers not only keep a close eye on the size of their catches to prove to the authorities, they also record the weight of each caught fish for their own or club records. Fishing scales are available in two different versions. The different models differed in particular in relation to the measuring method used. easy Angler scale work on the principle of a spring balance. A lot more accurate are fisherman scales that perform an electronic measurement and display the result on a digital display.

Spring scales as fishing scales

The simplest fishing scales are spring scales. They are usually made entirely of metal. On the front of a scale is punched or engraved. On the back there is a spring with a bolt in the middle. The bolt is attached to the top of the spring, protrudes downward from the spring and is formed at the bottom of a hook. The caught fish is hung on the hook’s hook to determine the weight. Then the fish is lifted with the balance, so that the fish hangs freely in the air. The weight of the fish pushes the spring together over the bolt. The heavier the fish, the stronger the spring is compressed. A pointer connected to the pen indicates the weight of the fish on the scale. However, this method of measurement is not very accurate. On the one hand, high demands are placed on the accuracy of the spring force, on the other hand, the scale is often not easy to read. Intermediate values ​​can not be read. Nevertheless, the spring scales are sufficiently accurate to give an overview of the total weight of the fish caught in one day.

An interesting alternative to the conventional straight scale fisherman scales is the Angler scale the brothers Mannesmann. The weight can be read relatively accurately on this scale via an analog display with round dial and red pointer. The maximum load of this scale is 22 kg.

Digital fishing scales

digital Angler scale have become more popular in recent years because of their ease of handling and higher accuracy. The digital trolleys consist of a robust plastic housing containing the electronics for the measurement and the battery. At the upper end a loop or a metal hook is attached to which the balance can be hung at a suitable location or raised by hand. At the lower end of the case there is a hook like the spring scales. The weighing process is the same as with the spring scales. The weight of the fish is displayed on a large and easy-to-read display in the front of the housing. Many scales accurately show the weight of the fish down to 10 grams. Although the digital anglers need a battery to operate, their power consumption is so low that the battery only has to be replaced after several years.

You can measure up to 40 kg of fish and other things with the digital fishing scale from led24-discount to 10 grams. The weight is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display. The display can be in grams or kilograms, among other things.

When choosing a fishing scale, you should also take into account which fish you want to weigh predominantly. For the avid trout fisherman, a fisherman’s balance, which precisely measures fish weighing up to 10 kg, is certainly sufficient. For other target fish, such as carp, a higher measuring range of up to 30 or 40 kg is recommended. Who needs more or less only a rough indication of weight, which is well served with a reasonably priced spring balance. For all other requirements, a digital fishing scale should be used.

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