10 Best altimeter of 2018

  • No line-of-sight required
  • Does not amplify error over distance
  • Never needs factory calibration
  • It is lightweight and multi-functional device for outdoor...
  • The backlit digital display is designed for easy data...
  • Thermometer: in celsius degree / fahrenheit degree format;...
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
  • Material: aluminum, rubber
  • Recommended Use: giving your watch a new look
  • 【Multi Functions】It works well to Measure Current/Max...
  • 【Large HD Screen】The larger LCD screen is even easier to...
  • 【Day & Night Backlight 】Green & White color to...
  • NO NEED TO CHARGE: Built-in CR2032 Button Cell, 365 days...
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Digital Compass, Altimeter, Barometer,...
  • WATERPROOF: 164 feet (5ATM/50M) Water Resistant. Strong...
  • Altitude total gain/loss, 24 hours altitude record and trend...
  • Incorporate altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer and...
  • Max/Min altitude, temperature, humidity record.
  • No line-of-sight required
  • Does not amplify error over distance
  • Never needs factory calibration
  • EASILY MOUNTS TO DASHBOARD - Mount AltiLINQ to either the...
  • ACCURATE READINGS - Adjustable dial lets you account for...
  • BATTERY-FREE - This analog altimeter is battery-free and...
  • Size: 2.3 in. diameter x 1.0 in. D
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • User-replaceable lens
  • Large, bold numbers that are easy to read
  • Sturdy hand mount

Altimeter Ratgeber

Altimeters are analog or digital devices that measure the height of objects, height differences between planes, or a reference surface. These are used, for example, when mountaineering or as a measuring device in the aircraft. The measurement is done with sound or microwaveor laser beams. In the trade for private and commercial buyers are common altimeter with chronometer, compassand thermometer, These are available in watch stores, camping shops, sports shops and online shops.

Aneroid barometer for mountaineers

The height can be determined by means of air pressure changes. The aneroid barometer, on the other hand, does not measure the air pressure, because the altitude is above sea level. Adjustments are always made after about one kilometer. Even if the altitude temporarily does not match the data of a GPS device or a mountain map, no one has to panic or doubt the operability of the altimeter. Then there is a pressure drop, indicating a change in the weather. Of the altimeter So it is set only once, and always before the ascent. On the display, an odometer should show the distance already covered. With this measurement method, a deviation of 2 to 20 meters is possible.

A digital altimeter has a pressure sensor that is calibrated or temperature compensated. The method allows accuracy with a maximum deviation of one meter. The sensors also work in combination with a GPS device, which is also separately available as a altimeter suitable.

If you’re going up and flying down with a parachute, you’ll want to use an analog metal box that expands or contracts. The pressure conditions move the pointer located in the can and thus height differences between the point of the parachute and the earth’s surface can be measured. The scale shows the height difference in both meters and feet. The maximum values ​​are around 6,000 meters, since it is hardly carried out from a higher distance of the jump with the parachute.

Altimeter in aviation

In airplanes and helicopters, the altitude is displayed in feet. There are two gauges, because on the one hand the distance to the sea depth is reproduced and on the other hand the height difference between the altitude and the ground. The maximum height is 15,000 meters, which corresponds to 49,212,598 feet. To measure the altitude, the air pressure between the flying object and the sea or ground level is evaluated, which is a height measurement with a barometer. One exception is light aircraft, which measure mainly with meters, and aircraft from France and Russia also show the difference in altitude in meters.

To the altimeter To use the pilot must regulate the gauges and the altimeter adjust to the current air pressure. Low temperatures lead to high air density, which makes the engines more efficient and the pilot has the guarantee that the runway length is sufficient for a fully occupied aircraft to take off in time. At high temperatures it behaves exactly the other way round. Now the pilot has to rely on a lower weight gain in order not to exceed the length of the runway.

This results in the following curiosity, which is hardly a passenger aware and the flight crew communicates far too little. If a machine is booked out in the summer and passengers bring a lot of luggage with high weight to the counter, luggage must be kept back again and again because otherwise the pilot can not start. Not infrequently, this occurs only at the last moment, when the passengers are already sitting on the plane. The surprise then waits at the destination airport if the luggage is not on the treadmilllies.

Altimeter for sale in shops

TFA HiTrax Globe altimeter
Advantages: Height range between 0 and 5,000 meters / barometer without battery and with manual adjustment

Ciclosport Alpine
Advantages: Barometer integrated in clock / temperature display / time display / health-relevant data display

Ckeyin altimeter 6in1
Advantages: Attachment on key Chain/ Weather data / altitude differences from -2,300 to 29,500 meters / thermometer / barometer

Buyers should consider in advance, what the altimeter is needed and then decide on the scope of functions. A chronometer can be one of the best guides to hikes if more data is needed, if not only the height difference is relevant.

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