10 Best Trumpet bag of 2019

  • Up to 3 inches of foam on all sides of your trumpet
  • Massive space for up to 300 pages of music and will fit ANY...
  • Removable Mute Bag and Music Pouch
  • Made of Water-resistant 600D Oxford Cloth Lightweight and...
  • 5mm Soft Padded Design, Protect Your Trumpet from Scratch...
  • With 10 x 28 cm Side Pocket for Mouthpiece, Valve oil, etc
  • Preventive storage unit
  • Protects instrument from tarnishing while stored
  • Trumpet Bag
  • Features 15mm Soft Internal Foam Cotton Padding Thick Enough...
  • With 3 Nails on the Bottom Reducing the Direct Friction...
  • With Adjustable Padded Single Shoulder Strap and Comfortable...
  • Double zippers design, durable and convenient to use
  • Can be used as a stand-alone case or be placed in another...
  • Soft internal fabric to protect your trumpet from scratch....
  • Modular padded walls for a variety of configurations.
  • Thickly padded and covered with water-resistant 1680D...
  • Carry handle features a padded grip secured by a hook n'...
  • Made of Oxford cloth, water-resistant and durable
  • Padded and soft-sided design, with cotton inside(approx.5mm...
  • Two separate compartments for storage-one main zipped...
  • Preventive storage unit
  • Protects instrument from tarnishing while stored
  • Trumpet Bag
  • Up to 3 inches of foam on all sides of your trumpet
  • Massive space for up to 300 pages of music and will fit ANY...
  • Removable Mute Bag and Music Pouch
  • Jacquard exterior, a hardwearing, water resistant, rip-stop...
  • 30 mm (1.18″) high-density foam padding for all round...
  • Anti-crush molded base and padded shell reinforced areas

Trumpet pocket guide

You see them more and more among the trumpet players: The Trumpet bag , This is often referred to by the providers and musicians as Gigbag. If the musician is not playing with his trumpet at the moment, he can put it in this bag so that they can play in the storageis protected from dust. But it is also possible to use this instrument in the Trumpet bag transport, for example, when teaching or practicing with other musicians. With numerous Gigbags there is a shoulder belt, which increases the wearing comfort accordingly. Some of the bags can actually be turned into a trumpet backpack and easily carried on their backs. Especially among adolescents, it is particularly popular and widespread because the Trumpet bag Not only easy to travel by car, but by bike or on foot anywhere. But of course adults also appreciate this advantage. If you often carry the trumpet with you on the way, this bag is certainly an ideal solution, because it is comfortable on one side and protects the instrument on the other side. The Trumpet bag is often used in modern bands.

The Trumpet bag is made of flexible and light nylon or polyester. Depending on the model, it is processed twice. Inside the bag is warming plush. In the outer pockets can be stowed all the extras and possible cleaning utensils for the instrument. Inside some of these trumpet pockets have additional compartments, where you can continue to accommodate accessories. Almost all bags have a solid worked and reinforced bottom and a few reinforced corners, which protects the trumpet in the long term.

– The outer material of the trumpet pocket is resistant to abrasion and therefore protects against weather influences from the outside
– it’s very easy
– Depending on the version, this bag has reinforced corners and a reinforced bottom
– It is flexibly adaptable to the content
– It has an excellent exterior and interior layout for the accessories
– by Velcro or zipper it can be opened and closed easily and safely
– Wearing comfort is high due to the removable shoulder straps and carry handles
– This bag can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius.

– The trumpet bag is by no means sufficiently resistant to external shocks
– The temperature protection and the air conditioning of the instrument is only partially guaranteed

areas of application
Trumpet bags are lightweight and often available for all trumpets from very small to large. They are often used where rapid repacking is necessary or otherwise this instrument is left free or otherwise protected. This bag is initially sufficient for beginners, especially one that contains a reinforced floor.

Trumpet bags are available from vendors like Bespeco, which also has audio systems, music stand, Sound technology and corresponding instrument accessories is available. Even Dimavery offers lined, excellent fitting and lightweight bags.

The price of known or less well-known suppliers of trumpet bags is between eleven and 80 euros. For 80 euros you already have plush lined or foam padded bags in high quality.

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