10 Best Plectrum of 2019

  • William Bay
  • Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
  • Edition no. 0 (03/06/1995)
  • Assorted Various Thickness And Colors
  • Quantity:100 Pieces
  • Material:ABS
  • Classic guitar pick shape with a wide body and rounded tip.
  • Dura Picks: Red (Extra Thin .50mm), Orange (Thin .60mm),...
  • Celluloid: Blue, Abalone, Red, Black, Green & Purple in...
  • Standard Size 30mm X 25mm (1.18in X 0.98in)
  • Clear Material
  • Suitable For Playing Guitar Bass
  • A sample of our most popular picks for a variety of sizes...
  • 12 picks per package
  • Made in USA
  • Used by Students and Professionals around the world
  • This set includes: .o12, .015, .024, .033, .044, .059
  • Genuine Thomastik-Infeld Product
  • 50 pieces celluloid guitar picks: 5 beautiful color designs,...
  • Celluloid material: smooth edges, wear-resistant, durable...
  • Standard shape: the colorful guitar pick fits in the finger...
  • Classic guitar pick shape with a wide body and rounded tip.
  • Dura Picks: Red (Extra Thin .50mm), Orange (Thin .60mm),...
  • Celluloid: Blue, Abalone, Red, Black, Green & Purple in...
  • Rich in color and thickness to meet the individual needs of...
  • Smooth and durable, a wonderful little gift and a handy...
  • Each color represents a thickness of guitar picks; You can...
  • William Bay
  • Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
  • Edition no. 0 (03/06/1995)

Guitar pick guide

General information about Plectrum

The Plectrum is decisive for the sound of Electric guitaror the electric bass and should therefore be chosen wisely. There are not only different manufacturers and brands, but also an enormous range of different picks. The differences can be seen in the material as well as in the form and handling. Triangular and rounded designs, metal pickets or sturdy plastic shape the sound and can be selected according to the music direction and the desired sound. For example, one country musician uses another Plectrum as a rock musician who wants to create a distorted sound and to elicit his guitar very individual sounds. Musicians are aware of the importance of picks and know the differences in form and material in relation to sound, and are responsible for business success. Even if it is at Plectrum being a small accessory for guitar players, its effect should not be underestimated. Anyone who has not dealt in detail with picks and their influence on the guitar sound is in the right place with advice in the specialist shop.

Function of a pick

Guitar picks are not designed to protect the nails and fingertips, as is well accepted by laymen of guitar music. Although they simplify play and avoid broken fingernails or injured fingertips, they are nevertheless an important accessory for creating the desired sound. You can about that Plectrum Determine if the sound should sound soft and round, fresh and clear, brute and rough, or rather classic from the speakers and inspire the audience. Therefore, musicians also swear by individual picks and tune them to their musical genre or to the different sound in their set. The pick is held between the thumb and forefinger and slides in rhythm over the strings of the guitar. Depending on the material and the quality, it creates an idiosyncratic sound and, in addition to a well-tuned guitar, is the multiplier of the success and recognition of the musician. In the professional assortment alone there are more than 60 different picks that are suitable for very different applications and sound spectra. Anyone who tries and tests the sound will find his perfect guitar pick and elicit new sounds from his guitar.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of picks are versatile and are based on the ability to play acoustic and electric guitars or bass guitars while achieving the desired sound. In order for the musician to play effectively and goal-oriented, a plectrum should be well in the hand and consist of a pleasant to touch and non-slip material. Plectrums made of metal or a robust plastic are particularly popular and are available in various shapes, designs and strengths. There are no disadvantages, as each guitarist needs a pick or more picks and can really make music only with this handy tool and play his instrument according to his available resources.

Helpful tips for buying

The purchase of Picks is not only a matter of trust, but is based on a variety of important criteria. It is best to orientate yourself on the ratings of other musicians and get an overview through reviews, which model convinces most in which genre and favors the desired sounds. Also, a price comparison is helpful, since the cost of picks are very different and based on the quality of the brand name of the manufacturer. In order for the sound to inspire and the music to be enjoyable, one should always decide on the plectrum for quality and not only force the purchase on the price. The Internet simplifies the search and presents numerous test reports for different picks.

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