10 Best Keyboard stand of 2019

  • Price For: Each Weight:: 18.82 lbs....
  • Arm sleeves can be positioned to fit virtually any keyboard...
  • 1" Square tubing for strength and durability
  • 5-Position disk clutch with bullet-nose pull knob make for...
  • Adjustable height for maximum playing comfort
  • Sturdy and Durable X Style keyboard stand
  • Supports keyboard
  • Adjustable arms fit all keyboards, 1" Square double braced...
  • -Position disk clutch with bullet-nose pull knob make for...
  • Adjustable playing height 23.5" to 38.5" and adjustable...
  • Price For: Each Weight:: 18.82 lbs....
  • Amazing 130 pound weight capacity
  • Secure-Lock center clutch height adjustment system
  • Adjustable 25.25" to 38.75" playing height for seated to...
  • Double-braced X-style keyboard stand, suitable for 61-key,...
  • Built with 1-inch solid iron tubings with non-slip rubber...
  • 5-Position disk clutch for quick height and width...
  • Our universal keyboard stand was designed to be fully...
  • What makes the Z style electric piano stand so versatile is...
  • With a weight limit of 250lbs the heavy-duty construction...
  • Amazing 250 pound weight capacity
  • Double "X" braced design for maximum stabilty
  • Secure-Lock center clutch height adjustment system
  • Large 12 x 17-inch bench seating area
  • 2.25 inches of high density foam bench padding
  • Assures the player comfort and eliminates fatigue

Keyboard stand guide

To be on one KeyboardTo be able to play, this must be on a stable surface. Usually comes here Keyboard stand for use. Both in a studio, at home or of course on stage. There are a dozen different models and designs to choose from. What to look for at a Keyboard stand should pay attention and which characteristics are important, one learns here.

Lightweight and yet stable
On Keyboard stand must be stable and of course not wobble. However, it is also important that the stand does not bring too much weight. Become Keyboard stand only needed in one’s own four walls or has to constantly stand in the music studio, must not pay too much attention to the weight here. However, if you travel a lot and travel from gig to gig with the keyboard, you should be aware of the Keyboard stand switch to a lighter model. The transport of musical instrument and stand should not degenerate to a high performance sport.
A keyboard stand should go easy to set up. As a rule, the most necessary key is included. In a few steps the frame stands. Now the screws must be tightened. This gives the stand additional stability.
Rubber feet ensure a secure footing. These also prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.
Of course, the keyboard itself must not slip off the stand. Therefore, with a keyboard stand, make sure that the surface on which the keyboard is placed is also gummed.
As simple as the stand is built, it should be easy to fold it up again.
The stands are available in different sizes, so that both smaller and very large keyboards can be launched. Therefore, you have to pay attention to how big the actual instrument is before you buy it.
Incidentally, the keyboard stands are not intended only for the pure keyboards. Of course, electric pianos or synthesizers can also be used. It is important that the width of the support surface harmonizes with the instrument.


+ quick and easy setup
+ stable and lightweight stand for various electronic keyboard instruments
+ foldable
+ height adjustable


– attention must be paid to the right size
– models that are too light tend to tip over

The properties in detail
High quality stands are made of metal. This is stable and provides the necessary support for the instrument. In order to achieve greater resistance to weathering, the metal elements are powder-coated.
Narrow rubber mats, which are attached to the feet of the stand, ensure optimum stability. This prevents accidental slipping. In addition, the rubber mats protect against unwanted scratches on highly polished surfaces. You never know where to put the keyboard stand.
The support surface for the instrument is of course also provided with a coating that provides the keyboard with a perfect grip. Nothing would be worse than an instrument slipping down.
Good keyboard stands are adjustable in height. Thus, each musician can adjust his individual height and use the optimal playing position.
Also advantageous are quick-release closures. These are also found on most models and an assembly is in this sense no longer necessary.
Last but not least, the so-called X-metal construction is preferred for most, as it has much more stability.

The story of the keyboard
A quick look into the story shows that the electric piano is not that young anymore. Its origins date back to 1885, when Edward Norton Lorenz invented the first truly usable electromechanical instrument. Over the decades, the electromechanical instruments have been increasingly improved and developed. However, it took another 100 years until the first keyboard, as we know it today, came onto the market. In the 1970s and 1980s, the electric keyboard instrument experienced its big boom. Increasingly, keyboards have now been produced for the lower price sector. Now even laymen could easily use a keyboard at home.
The origins of the keyboard stands are difficult to determine historically. Certainly the first stable stands were also used in the 1970s. At the time when the keyboards first received more attention.
Today, the keyboard stands are one of the most important accessories. Especially for musicians who travel a lot and do not just play in their studio or at home.

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