10 Best Bodhran of 2018

  • 18" x 3.5" sheesham bodhran with inside tuning and two cross...
  • A head of double goatskins is mounted on a solid sheesham...
  • The frame is fitted in back with a fixed crossbar.
  • Primary rhythmic accompaniment for Celtic and Irish music...
  • Equipped with goatskin head and durable mulberry wood frame...
  • Frame cut out provides extra comfort and support to player
  • Handcrafted Quality, Value Priced
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! 30-Day Return Policy!
  • Quality 10" Bodhran with real goatskin head.
  • Sent from the UK & Ireland - Traditional Great Quality!
  • BEATER/ TIPPER included!
  • Handcrafted Quality, Value Priced
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! 30-Day Return Policy!
  • 4 Multi-Colored hand drums with mallets
  • The drums range in size from 6" to 12"
  • Durable ABS plastic shells with synthetic heads and strong...
  • Beautiful 16" Diameter Irish Bodhran with Green Celtic Cross...
  • Produces a beautiful soft tone
  • Has a 3.5" Handcrafted Rim and Single Handle across the back
  • 18" x 3.5" sheesham bodhran with inside tuning and two cross...
  • A head of double goatskins is mounted on a solid sheesham...
  • The frame is fitted in back with a fixed crossbar.
  • Light weight, durable, weather-resistant and easy to play
  • It can also be held with one hand and played with a soft...
  • Highest expectations for sound quality and durability
  • Traditional wood drum design with wide Acoustic on body...
  • Thumb notch for holding
  • Light weight, durable and weather-resistant

Bodhran counselor

One of the most common questions related to the Bodhran is asked again and again, the question is which drum should one buy? However, a blanket response is very difficult because of course there are different personal and financial claims. In this guide, we will nevertheless try to put together some useful tips to help you when buying a Bodhran can support.

What to look for when buying a Bodhran respect, think highly of?

Let’s start with what you should not buy. These include bodhrans, which come from unknown sources or are equipped with industrially manufactured skins. Drums are often offered in online shops as well as in many music shops, which are imported from China and offered for sale here under 100 euros. The eardrum of this bodhran is usually made of cheap materials, is rock hard in most cases and does not sound the same as you would expect from a high quality Bodhran hoped. These bodhrans are really just for hanging on the wall as a souvenir. With these cheap drums you can not be sure where the coat comes from, what chemicals it handles and under what circumstances it was made. Most bodhrans in this price range are from Pakistan.
A good Bohran is characterized by a good sound, clean workmanship and a long shelf life. Many criteria play an important role, but the main feature is the eardrum. In high-quality drums, the coat is usually tanned from goat skin, sometimes from veal or even emu or deer. This process takes a lot of time, which is reflected in the price. Cheap eardrums often use a variety of chemicals to speed up the manufacturing process. These skins are not recommended. If you touch an eardrum, it should feel supple and not too hard and scratchy. To avoid an excess of overtones, the eardrum is often taped with tape from the outside or with a fur ring from the inside. Here you should make sure that you choose a model with an outer tape, as these models can be set more precisely.

What else is there to consider?

It is generally discouraged from unvarnished drums. The eardrums are extremely sensitive to humidity and temperature changes and may force the player to play in an unwanted tone range. Drums that can not be tuned need to be relaxed with water and stretched with heat, which is rather impractical in the long run. Also with the tuning system there is a lot to consider. Nowadays, bodhrans are available with different vocal systems that bring different advantages and disadvantages. You should, however, one Bodhran with tool-less tuning system prefer. These are produced by many well-known manufacturers and offered for sale. Because with these systems no Toolshould be used, make sure that the screws are as smooth as possible. The frame of the drum should be stable and made of high quality wood. Cheap frames that are too thin can warp quickly, making the drum unusable. Ideally, you can thoroughly test the drum prior to actual purchase and see if it meets your needs and requirements.
Bodhrans are now available in different price ranges, from beginner to professional instrument, everything is available. High-quality drums for beginners are already available from 200 euros, while professional instrument are offered for sale from about 400 euros. As with many other musical instruments, there are no limits in the upper class, so you have to pay a lot for top-level instruments.

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