10 Best banjo of 2019

  • Body: MapleNeck: MapleResonator: MapleTone Ring: BrassTruss...
  • Tailpiece Other Features: Neck binding, Curly maple...
  • 5 STRING Full Size Banjo with Geared 5th Tuner
  • RESONATOR mahogany closed back for bluegrass or clawhammer...
  • 24 BRACKETS for nice loud ring and tone, PROFESSIONAL REMO...
  • Banjo & Ukele : This is A Four Stringed Musical Instrument...
  • Special Design : Bound Wood Fingerboard, 18 Frets With...
  • Clear Sound : Come With Aquila Strings, Bring You Bright But...
  • 5 String Full Size Banjo with Geared 5th Tuner
  • Features 24 brackets, a maple bridge, an adjustable hinged...
  • A mahogany resonator and neck with a 7 ply maple and...
  • Item 100% like the picture shown
  • high quality and testing is fine
  • Package include: A 23 inch Banjo ukulele bag
  • Body: MapleNeck: MapleResonator: MapleTone Ring: BrassTruss...
  • Tailpiece Other Features: Neck binding, Curly maple...
  • Low-profile, 22-fret rock maple neck with hardwood bow tie...
  • Sealed, geared tuning machines, including fifth string
  • 5/8-Inch maple/ebony Goodtime bridge with adjustable Deering...
  • Tunes & Plays Like A Guitar - Sounds Like A Banjo
  • New 6 String Banjo by Jameson Guitar Company
  • Maple Neck and Mahogany Resonator
  • Luggage grade nylon & Luggage-grade zippers
  • Interior reinforced at headstock and bridge
  • 18mm Thick internal foam padding with Padded carrying handle
  • 5 String, Remo head
  • Cast aluminum tone ring
  • Flat head construction

Banjo Guide

The banjo belongs to the category of picking elements. Since it does not resemble a guitar in the slightest, most people find it hard to believe that it is one banjo is an atmospheric musical instrument. This instrument was invented by slaves who were shipped from West Africa to forced labor. This musical instrument is related to the crustacean pigtails. Banjos were first mentioned in 1678 in the Antilles.

Construction of one banjo

On banjo consists of a resonator and a membrane. The membrane is covered with either plastic or fur. By means of clamping screws and a metal frame, the membrane of the instrument can be tensioned. Originally that was banjo a fretless musical instrument. Depending on the version, a banjo is equipped with four to eight strings that run over the bridge of the instrument. Banjos are popular worldwide. Banjos are used by songwriters and now bands, such as The Quarrymen, The Monkees and Primus.

Different designs

There are different types of banjo. Who wants to buy a banjo, has the choice between various five-sided instruments, four-sided banjos, Plektrumbanjos, Tenorbanjos, Madolinenbanjos, Banjolinen, guitar banjos and a few other variants.

Five-sided banjos

Five-sided banjos, for example the model BJW Open Back Banjo by Stagg, are the starting point of American instruments. They are constructed according to their African models. While the fifth string of the instrument was not originally used, it is used intensively by modern banjo artists. The different variants of five-sided instruments are long-neck banjos, piccolobanjos, banjeaurines and bass banjos. All variants were used in bass orchestras.

Four-sided banjos

Banjos with four strings are also available in different versions. They are offered as Bassbanjos, Cellobanjos, Soprano Banjos (Melody Banjos), Tango Banjos, Ukelelebanjos, Tenorbanjos and Plektrumbanjos. For music genre in the genre Bluegrass is for example the banjo ukuleleMECO 23 from manufacturer Meco, recommended. If you prefer a five-sided banjo to the music of bluegrass, you should take a closer look at the product Classic Cantabile TS-1 of the musical instrument manufacturer Classic Cantabile.

Accessories are important

Accessories are not a minor matter with the banjo. Therefore, anyone who buys a banjo should definitely make sure that the manufacturer offers all necessary accessories. Even beginners have to tune their music instrument regularly. Depending on the music for which the banjo is used, it may be necessary to replace strings. This is also necessary when a string breaks. Although the coat is usually a durable component of the instrument, it must be regularly checked if it is still intact and taut on the cauldron. If you do not trust yourself to change your fur, you should hire a specialist to do this work. If the bridge is accidentally broken or broken during transport, an expert must also be assigned with the repair. In order to prevent transport damage from the outset, a suitable instrument case must be offered for the selected instrument.

Requirements to successfully play banjo

There are several ways to learn to play banjo. Absolutely necessary is a good deal of dexterity. In this point, banjos are no different from other stringed instruments. How long it takes someone to get used to the instrument depends on several factors. Who plays guitar for years, will get used to the instrument relatively quickly depending on the number of strings. The mastery of basic techniques has advantages and disadvantages: Basically, musicians can benefit from the techniques already learned. There is, however, that riskthat the playing habits prevent the musician from playing his banjo freely. Not all techniques can be adopted. Since strings are missing, the fingers must be moved over the strings faster than with a guitar to play the same tone sequences.

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