10 Best water filters of 2018

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  • 3X LONGER LASTING FOR LIFETIME SAVINGS. Each filter produces...
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED. Filter has been tested to NSF Standards...
  • Certified to remove 96% Mercury and 95% of certain...
  • Reduces Chlorine (taste and odor) and more
  • Filters up to 40 gallons/640 8-oz cups per filter, lasts up...
  • AmazonBasics
  • Kitchen
  • 6 CUP WATER FILTERING PITCHER for cleaner, pure tasting...
  • USES FIVE STAGE WATER FILTRATION unlike many water filters &...
  • NSF CERTIFIED to reduce lead and other heavy metals....
  • BPA FREE: For stream pitcher use only, enjoy 2 BPA free...
  • CONVENIENT: Made with filter-as-you-pour technology, Brita...
  • BETTER TASTING: Proprietary activated carbon media reduces...
  • 3X LONGER LASTING FOR LIFETIME SAVINGS. Each filter produces...
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED. Filter has been tested to NSF Standards...
  • Pure & Better tasting - Create better tasting water for...
  • Product Features: --Glacial Peak is an anti-microbial water...
  • Compatible with: Whirlpool EDR1RXD1, W10295370A, FILTER 1,...
  • Removes 95% of Mercury
  • Reduces Chlorine (taste & odor) and more
  • Package includes 4 filters for use with the PUR 2-Stage...
  • REPLACEMENT For: whirlpool edr3rxd1, 4396841 ,...
  • EASIER to INSTALL: You can complete the installation by bare...

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Water filter guide

Water filter – technical filter aids for better water quality

Even from the Stone Age simple methods of water purification are known. At the latest with the beginning of the well construction it became necessary to separate mud and other disadvantageous substances from the received basic and thus drinking water. Also, the decoction of water and the passage through fine cloths can be considered as an early, effective filtering method. From 1590 it came with the invention of microscopes and the development of better water filters , From the 19th century were water filters to a part of the requirement installation everywhere, where clear drinking water for large crowds was needed.

Construction and equipment of water filters

physical water filters work with sieves as filters, chemical water filters with activated carbon or ion exchange. With regard to their construction and operating principle, there are currently on the market these different types of devices:

Table water filter for small amounts of drinking water

This is water filters that use activated carbon and ion exchangers as filter cartridges to turn tap water into tasty, well-decalcified drinking water. As the name „table water filter“ says, such a filter system can be put on the table as a jug or canister and, in one filtration process, can clean up to five liters of water for immediate drinking pleasure.

Water filter as a dashboard attachment

Either a faucet filter directly to the water tapscrewed, or the complete fittingis mounted as a separate filter system. The advantage here is the immediate provision of filtered drinking water without dosing. The disadvantage is the usually incomplete filter performance. This results from the too high flow rate of the tap water. The deficiency may possibly be remedied by a pressure limiter. Also, a minimum pressure of the water is required for the operation of the faucet variant.

House connection of water filters

If a water filter is installed on the main water pipe of a domestic installation, all water consumers receive pre-filtered water for drinking and for body cleaning without any restrictions. However, a minimum pressure is also prescribed here for an acceptable filter performance, and when exceeding the highest possible throughput speed, the filter performance deteriorates.

Outdoor water filter for garden and camping

Wherever consumers are dependent on rainwater or river water as the source of drinking water, outdoor water filters will provide sufficient filter work. The special feature of these mobile filters is their compact design. In addition, the devices – similar to a table water filter – without further effort at any filter location immediately ready for use. They fit in everyone backpackIn addition to other outdoor luggage, are light and fresh filter (the replacement recommendations must be respected) always reliable drinking water prep.

Advantages of water filters

– Simple handling for use, as simple as the possibility of filter replacement
– Regardless of the water hardness or the quality of the tap water always descaled, purified of contaminants drinking water ready
– Robust durability – only the filter cartridges must be replaced regularly according to the manufacturer
– Acquisition costs are profitable in the long run compared to fresh water costs
– Especially table and outdoor models extremely compact and of presentable designs


– Filter performance of valve variants with too high flow rate is not sufficient
– Regular follow-up costs for fresh filter cartridges

Buying guide – this is how you find the best option according to individual criteria

Which model best suits which household or fresh water needs depends on several factors. So that each household finds the best water filter for itself, the following questions should be answered individually before making a purchase decision:

a) Which daily requirement quantity of drinking water and fresh water will be generated in the future?

Quantities up to five liters adequately cover table water filters. If the demand size is unknown, a faucet variant or even a filter fitting can be optimal. If an entire house or a complete living area is to be constantly supplied with filter water, a system for the domestic connection, if necessary with the additionally necessary pressure equalization on the piping system, is profitable.

b) How intensively filtered is the drinking and fresh water desired?

The chemical-physical filter cartridges are equipped with activated charcoal and ion exchangers. But there are also models of different brands, which ensure even more intensive filter performance through additional fine filter.

c) Which installation requirements are given at the planned filter location?

For schedules of a water filter at the house connection, the space and installation options for the filter itself and possibly a pressure equalizer must be present. Also for use by faucet or on the faucet must be left for ease of insertion and subsequent filter changes some leeway to the front, bottom and side. In tight spaces, a table water filter meets at least small filter requirements.

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