10 Best wall dryer of 2018

  • wall mounted
  • no mess cords to deal with
  • Hair dryer is wall mounted to provide guests with...
  • 1500 watts, 2 Speeds, Toggle power button, ALCI plug
  • Hairdryer turns off when placed in wall-mount bracket.
  • 1600 Watts of drying power in this compact dryer perfect for...
  • Wall mount holds dryer securely in place
  • Shuts off automatically when placed in wall mount and has...
  • Offset elbow
  • Close clearance universal dryer vent kit
  • Aluminum
  • Wall-mounted hang-up hair dryer with LED light
  • Built-in Lifeline shock protection; 3 position switch with 2...
  • Metal mounting plate for secure wall attachment with...
  • Durable through the wall hood.
  • Standard mouth hood for good airflow.
  • Two heat settings & Two air flow settings
  • Andis Wall Mounted Hang Up 1600 Watt Hair Dryer (30135)
  • Quiet, long-life motor
  • Toggle power button with 2 speeds
  • Store-away 6' cord and ALCI plug
  • Ergonomic handle
  • UNIVERSAL HOLD - Designed by a hair stylist at a salon with...
  • wall mounted
  • no mess cords to deal with

Wall dryer advisor

Who does not have an electric clothes dryerowns, who hangs the wet laundry, which freshly washed out of the Washing machinecomes on one clothes horseon. There are the most different models from the simple fold-out type over the tower dryer up to the clothes dryer, On wall dryer is convenient as it can be used when there is not much room. This article discusses the pros and cons of wall dryer shown and presented the best models.

What is a wall dryer?

On wall dryer It can be fixed comfortably in the house, such as in the bathroom, in the garden, in the cellar or in another place where the laundry is to be dried. It is best to either dowdle the practical tumble dryer directly to the wall or use a model that does not require drilling. These then need a grid as on the balcony to be hung. Despite the mounting options on the wall, most products still have the option of folding out or removing the dryer. This makes them space-saving aids in the household, since a lot of laundry can be hung on it.

What should be considered when buying?

Although some models are foldable or extendable, should still be on the length of the lines at the wall dryer be heeded. Because the longer the lines are, the more laundry ultimately fits on this practical device. When selecting the size, the lines should therefore be at least three to five meters. If several people live in one household, then a much larger variant is recommended. Lengths of 20 meters are recommended for a household of four or more people. The lines are offered in two different materials. There are models with plastic and metal lines. If possible, the metal should be rust-free, which will benefit the laundry. Disturbing rust stains on the freshly washed laundry are thus avoided. A folding mechanism on the wall dryer can help to stow the item easily and quickly. A smooth model offers good services.


– the length of the lines: at least five meters
– Length of linen for families: at least 20 meters
– When buying, pay attention to the material: the wall mount should be sturdy and made of a robust material such as metal

– Pay attention to stainless material
– Insulations are a sign of freedom from rust
– A folding mechanism makes the wall dryer foldable

The advantages and disadvantages of the wall dryer


– mountable
– Holds firmly and securely on the wall
– Extendable
– well suited for individuals or families


– if the wall bracket can not be clamped, drilling is required

The prices of wall dryers

The wall dryers are to get at similar prices as the clothes dryer or the drying rack. There are differences in prices only because of the size of the practical household helper. The larger models are slightly more expensive than the variants for the single household. This can be dried on the large items more parts, which brings benefits in the longer term. On the other hand, the customer must do the mounting on the wall himself and bear the costs for it. Price differences are below in models of individual manufacturers and brands.

The best wall dryers

The manufacturer Leifheit has brought to the market a practical model for drying clothes, namely the wall dryer Telefix 100. The line length is eight meters. For single households, a smaller model is offered by the same company, that is the Telefix 70, which is also made of aluminum. This wall dryer is well suited for small households. In addition, there is one towel railto hang towels from the bathroom to dry. The two items can be easily fixed in a small bathroom or on the balcony. On the other hand, the wall dryer Rollfix has 210 lines made of polyester. These are infinitely extendable to a length of 4.20 meters. The wall holder has an automatic retractor. However, the lines must be retensioned after some time. Otherwise it could happen that they sag.

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