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Vacuum Sealer Guide

Who does not know that: Sausages, meat or vegetables are bought on a special offer in larger quantities, but ultimately have to be thrown away because they are not so durable. On Vacuum can provide a remedy and extend the shelf life of various foods many times over. The compact devices offer the user even more advantages. Which are these and what you should pay attention to when buying, you can find out here.

What advantages does a vacuum sealer offer me?

On Vacuum serves to seal food airtight in a vacuum packaging. In this way, sausage, fish, meat, vegetables, salad and Co. are protected from external influences and bacteria. Decay processes are effectively slowed down, allowing products to last approximately three to eight times longer. So you do not have to throw away any food, which saves both the wallet and the environment in the long run. The natural aroma is not lost as quickly as, for example, in classic food containers. These are also larger and take up more space in the fridgeand in the freezerto complete. On Vacuum However, it is not only suitable for vegetables, fruits, meats or already cooked noodles left over from lunch. Also silver cutleryand collectible coins can be sealed using the equipment so they do not tarnish. You can even vacuum garments to keep them as space-saving as possible suitcaseto stow.

What should I look for when buying a vacuum sealer?

When buying a Vakuumierers especially the suction power plays a major role. It is on average ten to twelve liters per minute – the higher the value, the stronger the device and the faster food can be sealed. Household vacuum devices typically reach a 90 percent volume, which is quite sufficient. A volume of 100 percent, however, can not be produced in practice. In the selection should also be paid attention to how many welds the Vacuum produced. Two seams, such as the Caso FastVac 4000, are recommended to protect the food even when a seam breaks. Furthermore, it is advisable to consider before buying what you prefer to weld the food. Some devices use only continuous film, while others can be used in combination with normal freezer bags or even with vacuum containers. Vacuum such as the FoodSaver V-2860-I and the Rommelsbacher Vac 300 Exclusive can do both. When vacuuming with a roll of film, be sure to have a cutting device in place. So that you can also vacuum very sensitive products such as berries or lettuce, it is best to resort to a model with an adjustable vacuum.

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