10 Best tower fan of 2018

Tower fan guide

When the heat is in the apartment in midsummer, window tearing is often pointless: without air movement, nothing works. On fanimproves the room climate noticeably. But it does not have to be louder, more wobbly floor-mounted fantower fans are not only fancier, they also have other practical advantages.

Tower or pillar?

Rarely do manufacturers really differentiate between tower and column fans. Some column fans are wider, so they are more compact than tower fans. Usually, however, both terms are used for the same thing: a slim fan in tower form, more high than wide, in the interior of which a rotation axis works. The air is sucked in the back and radiated forward. The tower can be so slim, because here the rotor blade of conventional floor fans is superfluous. Against injuries protects a grid in front of the axis of rotation, in addition, the fans have a built-in overheating protection. A stand, slightly wider than the tower itself, ensures a secure footing. With up to two meters long cable is the tower fan Can be used in many rooms – in smaller offices as well as in the home bedroom.

Better than a pedestal fan

Those who are tired of the flapping noise of conventional floor fans should have one tower fan test. Because of its special construction is much quieter, but of course not completely silent. Other advantages are the many settings that you can make – in many models already per remote Control, The Breeze feature, for example, sends a light breeze into the room. The timer specifies the runtime, a sleep function switches off gently, ie in several stages. Common is also an LED indicator. In addition, the towers are usually more stable. Practical models with carrying handles ensure easier transport if the tower is not needed during the cold season. With its sleek look, even more expensive chrome or stainless steel models fit the tower fan in addition to any room ambience.

Technology in the tower

If you compare the technical data, the diversity of the models becomes clear. The size is 80 – 100 cm standard. A typical one tower fan weighs 4 – 5 kg, but there are also much lighter devices. Equally serious are general statements about performance – it depends on many factors, including the level at which the fan is running. Tower fans with 45 watts are at the highest level. Some manufacturers also report the air flow, others the decibel number. This is revealing, but due to lack of information in the competition is not really for comparison. When buying intentions should therefore be considered in addition to the consideration of the future location above all one thing: an intensive practical test in the store.

What does oscillating mean? – Small purchase advice

Oscillating simply means: self-rotating. It does not turn the whole tower, but only the axle in the housing. This has the same effect as the rotating pedestal fan. Many towers have a fixed rotation angle of 90 degrees. They always turn horizontally, rarely they are adjustable in height. When buying this should be considered, because direct drafts may be harmful. Further considerations concern the location, and above all the distance to the nearest power outlet: Is the cable sufficient? Should he tower fan stay there, so is a transport sufficient, or is it often moved? Then pay attention to the lowest possible weight as well as carrying handles. If you aim for a range of more than two meters, you should also inform yourself in advance if the preferred model will do the job well.

Happy to buy

HO-5500RE Tower fan oscillating silver / black from Honeywell
With remote. Weighs 5.1 kg, at 40 watts and 52 decibels. timer, Made of plastic, with aluminum sidebar for a better stand. Approximately 1 m high, with remote control.

Air Multiplier AM07 tower fan white / silver from Dyson
Only 2.85 kg weight at one meter height. Claim: powerful (56 watts) and still quiet. This is achieved with a host of in-house patented technologies – resulting in the tower being one of the most luxurious models on the market. With remote. Adjustable in ten stages, with timer function. Range up to eight meters.

DO-1000E tower fan from Duracraft
Air flow according to manufacturer 950 m³ per hour. Nevertheless, only 40 watts of power at the highest level. For its height of just under 80 cm comparatively light. Plastic model with carrying handle. One of the most popular models in the mid-priced segment and sufficiently powerful.

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