10 Best toploader of 2019

  • Holds photos or sheets up to 11" x 17"
  • Keeps photos, magazines and other collectibles clean
  • Made of high impact rigid PVC
  • For cards up to 100 pt in thickness
  • Rigid plastic encloses card and keeps it clean
  • Prevents damage
  • Rigid plastic encloses card and keeps it clean while...
  • hold standard sized cards (3" x 4" cards)
  • Made of high impact rigid PVC
  • 25-pack of toploader sheets fits and protects cards up to...
  • Made of rigid, high-impact PVC material
  • Sheets keep your cards clean and safe
  • Genuine Ultra Pro Brand Products
  • 100 Top Loaders
  • 100 Penny Sleeves
  • HOLDS ALL 2-1/2" 3-1/2" Cards or items
  • 63.5 mm x 88.9 mm
  • For standard size trading cards measuring 2-1/2" x 3-1/2"
  • Rigid toploaders protect cards during handling
  • Soft card sleeves made with non-PVC polypropylene film
  • Keeps cards protected from damage
  • Keeps cards clean
  • Rigid plastic
  • Holds photos or sheets up to 11" x 17"
  • Keeps photos, magazines and other collectibles clean
  • Made of high impact rigid PVC
  • Made of high impact rigid PVC
  • Fits up to 180 pt. Cards
  • Keeps it clean while preventing damage

Toplader guide

Often the space within the apartment does not allow it to be different and so often the front loader gets narrower toploader dodged. Due to the width of 45 centimeters, it can often fit into tight spaces and as the name suggests, it is conveniently loaded from above. The advantage of this is, of course, that it can be used in the narrow bathrooms, where it is usually not possible that a bull’s eye is opened and yet sitting in front of it. In many situations, these are toploader thus advantageous, but the devices have been treated by many manufacturers so far rather neglected. The technical implementation of many devices is rather simple and in the range of products take the models usually only a fraction. Some of the models offer the rather poorer energy efficiency class A +, where it is quite common for front-end loaders that the models already offer A +++ or better. Becomes a toploader considered, then the data sheets should be considered more closely. On the market, the presence is rather low and therefore the devices are often not very well equipped and generally more expensive. Even with the top loaders, however, models are already found with A +++ and the limit is even partially undercut by twenty percent. Most of them are offered by the manufacturers Fagor, Bauknecht or AEG.

What must be with the purchase of one toploader get noticed?

Even if the top-drains are energy-saving machines, a higher water consumption must be considered. At least this applies to the relationship with the front loaders. For the cleaning of the laundry, of course, always the minimum amount of water is needed, otherwise the fabric can not be moistened by the detergent. It is therefore not uncommon when the consumption of the top devices is almost as high as in the much more comprehensive devices. At a toploader There are usually only five to six kilograms of payload and these are usually seven to eight kilograms. However, the borders are blurring more and more today. Economical top loaders, like the big relatives, can also boast some features. There are thus automatic dosing for the liquid detergent, there is the imbalance control for quiet operation, there is the start time code, the remaining display and the short programs. Not infrequently, this segment, however, with prices around 700 € to be expected and the top loader and the front loader are similar here then something. The Toplader washing machines differ only by a small yet essential detail of the conventional washing machines. The difference is that the Toplader find space in the smallest space. In the case of the top loader, the drum is not mounted horizontally but vertically, which saves a lot of space. Toploader as a name results from the way it works. The laundry is not from the front, that is filled from the front but from above, say top. Many of the models are in no way inferior to the classic front loader in terms of technical details. There are also different energy efficiency classes for the top loader, and in comparison to the front loader, the same performance is also applied to the drum, the spin coefficient and often the filling quantity. For most washing machines, the spin rate is 1200 to 1500 revolutions. As with most other washing machines, the top loader also has special washing programs, which are tailored to the individual offer of the individual manufacturer. There are programs for mixed fabrics and also for the whisper-quiet night programs. When buying from a top loader special features can always be adapted to personal needs. If the available space is small, then the Toplader are usually the more suitable models. Due to the slim shape they fit in small rooms and they can usually convince by the relatively high capacity and by the relatively economical water and electricity consumption. All these are good reasons why washing machine types can be considered closer. By filling with laundry from above no one has to squat during unloading and loading and in the state, the machines are comfortable loading and unloading. The top loaders are often the better devices when people with back or knees have problems. Due to the standard 40 centimeters width, the top loaders are narrower than front loaders with 60 centimeters.

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