10 Best teaspoon of 2018

Coffee spoon guide

Coffee spoons are not only indispensable in households with coffee. teaspoon belong to the breakfast table as well as to the Sunday coffee table. With these spoons you can eat cake, ice cream or mix the sugar in coffee and tea. teaspoon are available in different sizes and different materials. Most teaspoon are made of stainless steel and often offered in sets of 6 or 12 pieces. Rare and much more expensive teaspoon silver.

Potato spoon made of stainless steel

The range of coffee spoons made of stainless steel is very diverse. Most teaspoon are made of stainless steel and virtually every cutlery manufacturer has them in his program. Potato spoons are most commonly made and sold to match a particular cutlery series. Stainless steel is practically indestructible. Stainless steel teaspoons do not rust, can be cleaned in the dishwasher and last a lifetime.

The coffee spoon set by WMF contains 6 teaspoons from the collection Nuova with a length of 13.5 cm. The material of the coffee spoons is polished Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 polished. The material is rustproof, dishwasher safe, very dimensionally stable and easy to clean. For decades, Cromargan has been the standard material for high quality WMF cutlery and virtually indestructible.

Potato spoon made of silver

To a classic silver cutleryAlso includes coffee spoons with the same decor. Silver spoons are made of 800 silver or in the majority of the so-called sterling silver (925 silver). The maintenance of coffee spoons made of silver is very expensive and should be done regularly with a good silver cleaner, so that the precious pieces do not tarnish. With a silver coffee spoon no egg, at least no egg yolk should be eaten. The sulfur contained in the yolk reacts with the silver, discoloring the silver and causing a very unpleasant taste.

The shape of the Wilkens Chippendale coffee spoon made of 925 sterling silver is based on the style of the cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale from the time of the English rococo in the 18th century. The Chippendale cutlerywith the silver potato spoon counts since 1910 to the classics of the Wilkens collection.

Coffee spoon and espresso spoon – where is the difference?

As coffee and espresso differ in their preparation, there are also differences between coffee spoons and espresso spoons. The differences are not big but good in direct comparison visible. Espresso spoons are usually a bit shorter and slimmer in shape than coffee spoons. The slim shape is due to the small espresso cups, in which a teaspoon does not reach the bottom of the cup, depending on the width. Espresso spoons are usually a bit shorter than coffee spoons because of the lower cups. However, espresso spoons can also be used to eat cakes, ice cream and other desserts.

The set by Sweese contains 12 stainless steel teaspoons for daily use, which are also suitable for espresso, mocha and of course tea. The high-quality processed coffee spoons are simple and modern designed. They match a rustic coffee service as well as simple teacups. The stainless steel material is stainless and suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Coffee spoons made of stainless steel are almost indestructible and very easy to clean. Optimal are coffee spoons, which are made of a piece of stainless steel without a joint, in which dirt can settle. Coffee spoons made of silver together with silver cake forks are the crowning glory and an ornament for every festive coffee table. If you make the effort and silver coffee spoons regularly plaster and care, it will certainly have a lifetime of pleasure.

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