10 Best spaetzle of 2018

  • Pack of twelve, 17.6-ounce bags (total of 211.2-ounces)
  • Traditional German Spaetzle egg noodles
  • Delicious topped with a creamy sauce
  • Fast & neat way to make authentic spaetzle (German...
  • Quickly creates perfectly uniform spaetzle by moving batter...
  • Premium 18/10 grade stainless steel plane. Easy to use and...
  • Bechtle Egg Noodles Spaetzle
  • 500g (17.60 oz) bags
  • Pack of 2 (total 35.2oz)
  • Great Swiss German Dumpling
  • Use as a substitute for pasta, rice or potatoes
  • Authentic and easy to cook
  • Pack of twelve, 17.6-ounce bags (total of 211.2-ounces)
  • Traditional German Spaetzle egg noodles
  • Delicious topped with a creamy sauce
  • With classic layout of holes/ consisting of two parts - can...
  • Single parts can be put into the dishwasher/ dimensions: 400...
  • The handle is flattened and offers with it's the three...
  • Makes quick and easy authentic German dumplings
  • Generously sized board lets you make more spaetzle in less...
  • Included scraper presses batter into pot
  • Measures: 12.75" x 4.25" x 2.5" / 32.5cm x 11cm x 6cm, Care...
  • Spaetzle, traditional German dumplings, can be used in...
  • Enjoy your favorite old world dish with this modern and...
  • MyDeli
  • Misc.
  • Premium GMO-free egg noodles
  • Made with raw ingredients and fresh eggs from cage free...
  • No artificial colors or flavors

Spaetzle Guidebook

If you like to eat pasta, you will be able to taste the most diverse pasta specialties in every region of the world. Even in Germany, there are different types of noodle, in Swabia is the origin of today’s popular spaetzle. The real Swabian may scrape the spaetzle dough directly from his board like his grandmother and throw it into the pot of hot salt water. But those who do not prove to be talented for this method can do one today spaetzle where the dough is simply squeezed through the openings, giving it the typical shape of spaetzle.

Of the spaetzle – a must for every pasta lover who loves the diversity of noodles

Of course, the spaetzle scraping for the extended family can also be used as good arm training. But who wants to do this tedious and energy-intensive kitchen work faster and easier, buys one spaetzle which is offered today by many good brand manufacturers like Westmark or Fackelmann. One of those popular little kitchen gadgets that are placed on the pot of boiling water and then make for the perfect spaetzle. There is that spaetzle with large or small holes, with the small holes the dough for the spaetzle should always be rather thin and the large holes should the dough have a greater strength. If you take a planer with the small holes, the typical spaetzle is created. With big holes but the Swabian Knöpfle be prepared. If you take a first look at the spaetzle , then he almost looks like a normal vegetable sliceron. Depending on the manufacturer and model, there are only a spatula as an accessory, but there are also models that are equipped with a container where you can insert the dough. The manufacturers like to use plastic or stainless steel as material for the spaetzle planer. So it is ensured the ease of care of the spaetzle plane and it can be rinsed after use under running water or simply stowed in the dishwasher.

The spaetzle slicer – a handy little kitchen helper

The energy saver among the hobby chefs appreciates a small kitchen helper like this, who can serve well and does not even need electricity. With manual power the Spaetzle are quickly scraped and prepared in hot cooking water. Who wants to use a good spaetzle planer, should not resort to cheap products, but to grow a planter of a good brand manufacturer. For the purchase of a Spaetzle planer one should always note that the sledthat it moves well and that the spaetzle slicer is constructed in such a way that the dough will not run down the sides. If the spaetzle slicer is too force-intensive when it comes to scraping, then you can be lucky with the Swabian cuisine, too Ricertry that just like one riceris working. When buying a spaetzle slicer, the customer must look closely, because depending on the manufacturer, the planer can also be very different in usefulness. So you have to pay attention to the size of the holes and also the length of the planer is important so that it even fits on the normal pots, which has almost every amateur cook to cook pasta in the kitchen cabinet. Depending on the handling you should think carefully about whether this spaetzle slicer really can bring relief in the preparation of the Swabian noodle specialty. Whether with scraperor with sledges, those who like to prepare spaetzle for family and friends, can effectively facilitate the work, if he can use a small kitchen helper like the spaetzle slicer.

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