10 Best skewers of 2018

  • 【Flat & Wide Blade,No Spin】Keep your food from...
  • 【Perfectly Longer Length of 17 inch"】Long enough that...
  • 【Ergonomic Handle Design】The waved handle of the skewer...
  • Master Cook
  • 12 inch natural bamboo skewers
  • Fun and easy tool to make shish kabobs and smores
  • Soak skewers in warm water before grilling to prevent...
  • 12 inch natural bamboo skewers
  • Fun and easy tool to make shish kabobs and smores
  • Soak skewers in warm water before grilling to prevent...
  • TONGYE Bamboo Skewers (?3mm*4-Inch, pack of 200)
  • TONGYE Commitment: Guarantee that each bamboo skewers is...
  • Multi-function bamboo skewers are perfect for BBQ,...
  • Pack of 300 bamboo skewers
  • Thin skewers (Approx. 3mm)
  • Made of eco-friendly bamboo
  • JapanBargain
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 6 piece set: ring-tip handle for finger-tip handling
  • Each skewer measures at 12 Inch long
  • Makes eating corn on the cob easy and fun;
  • Keeps fingers safely away from hot corn with soft grip...
  • Two pronged corn skewers firmly attach to each end of corn...
  • PuTwo
  • Kitchen

Shashlik skewers Guide

Shashlik skewers Guide

Shashlik skewers are small skewers made of metal, on which pieces of meat and vegetables are skewered and then together with the skewers panor cooked on the grill. Are the skewers roasted, they just have to be seasoned. For consumption of meat and vegetables these are removed again from the skewer.

Types of skewers

There is a veritable wealth of variants and species for the skewers , The small household appliances can be designed in the form of small swords, then they have a corresponding ornament at the top. Popular are also equipped with colored squares or other geometric shapes skewers , skewers However, they always have a straight shape, as otherwise the pieces of meat can not be skewered. The decoration on the top not only looks good, it also has a very practical use. The small handle is used to hold the spit when preparing and later when eating.

Special recipes with kebab skewers

On the Internet, there are plenty of special recipes with skewers. With marinated meat, with fine vegetables, shashlik skewers with sausages or with tofu for vegetarians, the possibilities to create delicious preparations with kebab skewers are huge. A crispy salad, fine potatoes or just a fresh baguette are perfect with the finished shish kebab.

How to clean shish kebab skewers

The shashlik skewers must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Since leftover meat or fat can sometimes form stubborn remains on the metal, the shashlik skewers should first be rinsed thoroughly under hot water. It is also possible to soak in flushed hot water. After the pre-cleaning, the shashlik skewers can be put in the dishwasher. Since the spit ends are pointed, it is important to store the shashlik skewers in the dishwasher so that there is no damage dishesor device can come. It is better to put the shashlik skewers with the tip down in the cutlery tray.

Where to buy shish kebab skewers

There are many ways to buy shashlik skewers. Numerous variants are offered in department stores and gift shops. A wide range is also available on the Internet. Furniture and gifts pages, but also cook sides offer the shashlik skewers as an accessory. Most of the shashlik skewers in the set with five, six or more individual skewers are specified. On large sites such as amazon.de interested parties also have the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the offered shashlik skewers based on the ratings of other buyers. Information on quality and use of the products can be an important purchase guide.

Make shashlik skewers yourself

Shish kebab skewers can be made by yourself. All you need is thin metal skewers that should be 15 to 20 cm long. As ornaments are all materials in question, the heat in the pan or on the grill does not matter. The crafting of shashlik skewers can also be a nice prelude to the next barbecue party.

Shish kebab skewers as a gift

If you are looking for an original idea as a souvenir for the next garden party, you can think about the shashlik skewers as a gift. Especially the hobby cooks are definitely pleased about the small skewers, can be conjured up with these yet the next party the most delicious dishes. It is practical to give the shashlik skewers as a set with several skewers.

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