10 Best Pressure cooker of 2018

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  • Instant Pot
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  • 12-in-1 electric pressure cooker takes the guesswork out of...
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  • 12-in-1 electric pressure cooker takes the guesswork out of...
  • Designed to combine the functions of 9 kitchen appliances in...
  • Set it and forget it! Proven to be a faster cooking method...
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Pressure cooker Guide

Good things will take a while – this old saying is only conditionally valid today. Because often simply lacks the time for hours of cooking experiments. Reason enough, one Pressure cooker It’s the source of healthy food that’s made in no time at all – and it’s tasty on top of that.

The principle behind it

While in the normal cooking potThe water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, which increases Pressure cooker this by means of overpressure to proud 120 degrees. Due to the tightly closing lid, the steam produced can be pressurized and cooked more quickly.

Is that not dangerous?

Reports of exploding models are a thing of the past. Everyone has one nowadays Pressure cooker over a thick wall of stainless steel – and in addition a cover, which closes airtight and thus pressure-resistant. More importantly, two valves ensure safety. First, the control valve, plus a safety valve. Anyone who regularly checks and checks this is on the safe side in the truest sense.


– First, the time savings: Because it is cooked with higher temperatures, the food is done faster.
– Save energy: The tight-fitting lid holds the energy where it belongs – when cooking, in the pot. The conventional saucepan, on the other hand, loses steam even with a lid – so valuable energy.
– Good for your health: Pressure cookers ensure gentle cooking due to the shorter cooking process. Nutrients are preserved as well vitamins,
– Taste: For the same reason food from the Pressure cooker Just better.
– Multifunctional – you can do much more with them! For example, warm up baby bottles, thaw the frozen food gently or even boil it down.
– The eye eats with: Pale fruit or vegetables are more likely due to long cooking. Something like this falls away.
– Fit: Modern models fit all types of stoves.

Cook more – can more?

The capacity ranges from 2 to over 10 liters. But beware: the bigger the Pressure cooker The more energy he needs, of course. Some advantages of the pressure cooker can be lost again. One calculates flat rate: If the household more than two people, we recommend a size from 3.5 liters, better from 4 liters. For four persons models from 4.5 to approx. 6 liters are suitable.

buying Tips

Because the price range is quite large, accurate information is worthwhile before buying – not only about prices, but above all about your own claims.

What size does my household really need? Energy saving works especially with smaller models. In addition, many manufacturers offer more than just two cooking levels. However, these are the common ones: gentle and normal. But also the operation should be easy and without much study of the manual. Additional features include a timer that allows you to leave the cooking pot unattended. For simpler models, you must check the cooking process during the cooking time – and readjust if necessary.

Other criteria are, of course, good workmanship and high-quality material, after all, the whole thing should last for a few years. Which accessories are included? And: are wearing parts easy to get? For example, the rubber sealing ring naturally corrodes after a certain time. Here should be available anytime and quickly replacement.

Finally, a word about cleaning: There are manufacturers who advertise that the pot is a dishwasher-safe overall – except for the seal. Anyone who watches here is immune to disappointment. After all, you do not want to fumble the seal every time before you can clean it. Customer reviews on major sales portals are very enlightening here.

Three popular models

Fissler pressure cooker stainless steel vitaquick
Holds 4.5 liters. Two cooking levels. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean. With comfort exhaust function. Very good value for money.

WMF 0792639990 Pressure cooker 6.5 L Perfect

Handle on the lid (with pressure valve) removable for cleaning, rest can be put in the dishwasher. Versatile, can also cook rice, like stewing roast. German production.

Tefal P25307 Secure 5 Neo pressure cooker 22 cm, 6 L
Comes with basket insert for delicate food. Patented security system. Two-stage cooking regulator, different degrees of protection. Dishwasher safe except for the lid. Customers certify very good workmanship and easy handling.

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