10 Best needle threader of 2018

  • Dritz-LED Lighted Needle Threader Green
  • Retractable wire threader with LED light that activates when...
  • Built-in thread cutter on side and slot on end for attaching...
  • Desk Needle Threader is the ultimate threader
  • Simply drop your needle in (any needle except tiny quilt...
  • Ideal for difficult to thread floss and metallics and also...
  • GHI, INC
  • Colorful plastic wire loop needle threaders
  • Useful tool which makes it easier for threading
  • Size: 45*20*2mm
  • A plastic threader that is three threaders in one - a great...
  • The DMC needle threader contains 1 hook for threading heavy...
  • Made in China
  • Features:
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Can make it easier for threading
  • Dritz-LED Lighted Needle Threader Green
  • Retractable wire threader with LED light that activates when...
  • Built-in thread cutter on side and slot on end for attaching...
  • Use to thread loopers on sergers
  • Can also be used for stringing beads
  • Store on a Magnet
  • GHI, INC
  • Useful tool which makes it easier for threading
  • Fit for both hand and machine needles
  • Easy to hold and ease eye strain caused by threading small...

Needle threader guide

Needle threaders – from the classic model to innovative solutions

The tip of the sewing thread splits and does not want to pass through the eye of the needle or again and again the thread gets caught in the sewing thread sewing machineand tear. Situations that probably everyone knows who handles regularly or only in between with needle and thread. The solution is the needle threader who was able to prevent so many hassles in his original and still available execution.

The classic among needle threaders

A true classic is the needle threader with the famous head of Queen Victoria. A woman who put her stamp on a whole generation – and also the inconspicuous sewing aid. The indispensable accessory for every stitching basket has been in this form since the mid-19th century and was formerly made of sheet metal and today of aluminum. The eyelet for pulling the thread through the needle eye is made of spring steel. This threader, which has been used for many generations by the renowned manufacturer Prym, who already produced metal haberdashery in 1811, should, by tradition, retain its permanent place in every sewing equipment.

Innovative ideas make sewing easier

That even from such a simple one ToolHow a threading machine can create an innovative product is proven by the variety of modern devices. The market offers a variety of different shaped products, which, despite their sometimes creative designs have only one goal: to pull the thread through the eye of the needle with the least possible effort. Known manufacturers of these devices are Prym and Clover. Both companies offer different types of sophisticated table-top unit. You can choose from one-handed, well-thought-out desktop devices, threaders with integrated sewing needle container and thread trimmer or with lighting. With this large selection of interesting products, you can reliably find exactly the threader that meets your individual requirements.

Comfortable threading on the sewing machine

Not only in manual work, but also when working on the sewing machine threading the sewing thread is often troublesome. Especially when the thread breaks again and again. For sewing machines, a distinction is made between integrated threaders, which are factory-mounted on the various models. Alternatively, so-called universal threaders are available, which is the passage of the thread through the sewing machine needlefacilitate. Manufacturers such as Clover offer so-called double threaders in the range, which are suitable for machine needle, the high-quality quilting needles and normal sewing needles.

Needle threaders solve more than a little everyday problem

Although it is at first glance a simple everyday product, especially the modern version of the needle threader an indispensable aid for people with disabilities. With one-hand operation models, people who can grasp with just one hand have the chance to do their own sewing. A strong tremor, thanks to the needle threader, is as little a reason to be discouraged from sewing as a diminished vision at short distances. There are, for example, from the manufacturers Clover and Prym.

Why complicated, if it is easy

Finally, the needle threader missing in any Nähkörbchen. The practical sewing accessory is an indispensable tool in many situations despite its simple function and makes sewing much easier. For the low financial investment, this handy tool offers a lot of comfort and saves a lot of trouble.

A little tip on the edge: When buying a needle threader, pay attention to the needle size it is suitable for.

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