10 Best crystal glasses of 2018

  • Design incorporates deep contemporary linear cuts.
  • One of the most popular patterns in crystal barware.
  • Full Lead Crystal
  • Sparkling, Diamax ultra clear glass.
  • Desined and Made in France, exclusively
  • Deep, diamond cuts brilliantly refract light.
  • Set of four double old fashioned glasses in the Marquis by...
  • Perfect for serving scotch, whiskey or mixed drinks
  • An exceptional value and an excellent gift for any occasion
  • Famous Godinger quality and value.
  • Set of 12 high ball glasses.
  • This elegant Dublin barware can be used for many types of...
  • Crafted of quality lead free crystal material
  • Perfect for serving scotch, whiskey or mixed drinks
  • Size: 3.24" x 3.74" high, 9 ounce capacity
  • Set of 4 set
  • Elegant gold band design
  • Hand wash recommended
  • ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL SET: This limited addition set has been...
  • STYLISH EUROPEAN QUALITY: We offer you these unique,...
  • PREMIUM CRYSTAL QUALITY & DESIGN: They come in a set of 4,...
  • Famous Godinger quality and value.
  • Set of 12 iced beverage glasses.
  • The Dublin pattern is offered in a variety of shapes and...
  • Design incorporates deep contemporary linear cuts.
  • One of the most popular patterns in crystal barware.
  • Full Lead Crystal
  • Turkish Tea Glasses Set of 6. Handmade in Turkey.
  • Decorated with Crsytals & Pearls. Color : Gold. Glasses are...
  • 6 Glasses, 6 Glass Holders, 6 Saucer, 6 Spoons.

Crystal glasses guide

Crystal glasses make sure that drinking becomes something very special. They inspire because of their noble, high-quality appearance and are offered in many different variants.

Crystal glasses: for very special moments

Crystal glasses are not glasses for every day. In general, they are only on very special occasions from the closetfetched. With these beautiful glasses you can choose between thick-walled or very filigree variants, which can also be decorated with beautiful ornaments and / or engravings. Whether as transparent or colorful models: crystal glasses are always a good choice.

Crystal glasses – for which drink are they suitable?

There crystal glasses are offered in a variety of variants, they are suitable for a variety of drinks. So there is crystal glasses for example:

– Wine
– Sparkling wine
– champagne
– Mineral water
– brandy
– Long drinks

Depending on which drink the crystal glasses are differentiated in their form. For example, white wine glasses are taller and slimmer than their „relatives“ who red wine glassesand they also tend to rejuvenate slightly towards the opening. glasses of watercontrast, by their classic cylindrical shape. Their soil is thin or medium thick. In addition to mineral water but can be taken from these variants but also, for example, soft drinks or other drinks. So it is easily possible to opt for exactly the glasses that fit your personal favorite drinks.

The cost of such glasses: wide range of prices

Pretty simple crystal glasses are already available for a few euros. Elaborate processed, high-quality and decorated variants, however, cost a lot more. However, you can save by buying crystal glasses as a set. Such sets include, for example, two, four or six glasses. In contrast to single purchase, it is therefore quite possible to save a certain amount. In addition, the purchase of a crystal glass set has another advantage: you can immediately enjoy a certain amount of the same glasses. So it is not necessary, the desired number of the same glasses in the first shelfto search. In addition, under certain circumstances, the required number is no longer in stock. On a beautifully laid table, however, the same-looking crystal glasses are best shown. Accordingly, a set may well be worthwhile.

Cleaning of crystal glasses: best by hand

A variety of glass can indeed be cleaned in the dishwasher, but this is not recommended. The various chemical additives contained in cleaning powder, dishwasher salt and rinse aid or in the so-called cleaning rod can attack the sensitive surface of the crystal glass. Because of this, cleaning by hand is recommended. In addition, it is best if the glasses are rinsed immediately after use, so that settle on the ground no beverage residues that may be difficult to remove. It is also advisable to do without dusting with a dry cloth. Here, the fine dust particles can scratch the delicate surface of the glasses. If these few care instructions are taken into account, one usually has many years of pleasure in the beautiful crystal glass. It is worthwhile, then, to omit the dishwasher once.

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