10 Best craft glue of 2018

  • Glue 3 in 1 4 oz.
  • A crystal clear, instant grab, fast dry, glue
  • Acid free and waterproof
  • Strong, wet tack for multipurpose projects
  • Dries clear
  • No run formula
  • An incredibly versatile adhesive that works on most craft...
  • Ultra tacky formula holds items on contact, dries permanent...
  • Safe, nontoxic and low odor
  • Strong, wet tack for multipurpose projects
  • Dries clear
  • No run formula
  • Clear Gel is environmentally safe; Water cleanup
  • For maximum adhesion, wait approximately 30 seconds before...
  • Available in 4oz bottle
  • Glue 3 in 1 4 oz.
  • A crystal clear, instant grab, fast dry, glue
  • Acid free and waterproof
  • Dries clear and flexible
  • Water cleanup
  • Available in 4fl oz. bottle with cap stand
  • 2-Pack - ALEENE'S-Original Tacky Glue (Total of 2 bottles -...
  • This glue is superior on fabric silk burlap paper trimming...
  • Glue dries clear and flexible
  • Safe, nontoxic formula to give you superior performance
  • Applies white, dries clear and flexible
  • Available in 8oz squeeze bottle
  • Includes four styles of crafting glues - Photo Sticks glue...
  • All glues are acid-free
  • Craft

Craft glue advisor

Craft glue – make beautiful things easy

Under craft glue One understands an industrially or naturally produced adhesive, which is suitable for the connection of different handicraft materials. While the commercially available adhesives made on a natural basis consist of protein, starch, vegetable gum or dextrins, polycondensates and polymers are used for the production of industrial adhesives. Also common in linguistic usage are the terms glue or household glue.

Creative crafts – joy for young and old

Gifts, gift cards, decorative items, sugar packets, small presents made of wood, decoupage technology and much more – the possibilities to make beautiful things are almost limitless. For the preparation of the handicraft afternoon you need of course, in addition to the appropriate instructions enough material, scissors, documents from newsprint, possibly an apron and the right glue. For most crafting normal paper or household glue is sufficient. It is available in glass or in a practical tube commercially. A little tip: Before starting to make sure that the glue is fresh and glass or tube open well.

Perfect for children – self-made craft glue

You would like to tinker with your children and have no glue in the household? No problem: just make the glue from natural ingredients. The ingredients are fortunately available in every household. Your children can help you with this and will certainly enjoy it. There are different possibilities, craft glue self-manufacture. Depending on what needs to be crafted, the production of flour, starch or gelatin glue is recommended.

Make flour glue

Easy to make and ready in no time is the glue made of flour and water. For this purpose, one or two tablespoons of wheat flour are put into a small cup and spoonfuls spooned with room-warm water. The finished mix is ​​a perfect one craft glue for paper, cloth or wood. Whole wheat flour should not be used for this glue.

Make starch adhesive yourself

For crafting something bigger or firmer things, starch gluten can be used well. This is made from corn starch, water, vinegarand salt produced. A little tip: Just make a larger amount of the glue and fill the mass into a screw jar. The next craft afternoon you have the craft glue then already at hand. After a good stir, you can start crafting directly.

Stir natural gelatin glue

Wherever colorless craft glue is needed, the gelatine glue is used. This can also be made from natural ingredients. For this, leaf gelatine and apple vinegar are processed into a smooth pulp. The result is a slightly translucent and shiny glue. If you would like to use the gelatin adhesive for window colors, just dye it with you Food coloringon. Gelatine glue can also be stored in a screw-top jar.

There are different ways to buy craft glue

If you have little time and you can not make the glue yourself, you will find a large selection of craft adhesives in craft shops, in department stores, in hardware stores or on the Internet. There are adhesives from brand manufacturers such as Pritt, 3m, Uhu, Pattex or Ponal. The products convince with their good to very good material properties and guarantee best adhesive results. If you are unsure whether the craft glue is really suitable, it is best to consult a specialist or read the description on the packaging. Already know the products in the trade well, order them easily on the Internet.

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