10 Best Bosch washing machine of 2019

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  • Works with the following models: Bosch WFMC1001UC, Bosch...
  • Bosch WFMC1001UC/04, Bosch WFMC1001UC/05, Bosch...
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Bosch washing machine guide

In 1886, Robert Bosch founded a workshop for precision mechanics and electrical engineering. From the small company emerged a corporation that is known around the world. As a supplier to the automotive industry, the manufacturer made a name for itself. As early as 1929, more than 10,000 people worked for Bosch. A little later, the first household appliances were created, which still belong to the production assortment. An important part of the assortment are washing machines, which we present here.

from fridgeto the washing machine

When profits shrunk in 1929, Bosch made the right decision. From then on, household appliances were also created that made life easier. As early as 1933, Bosch’s first refrigerator was available. The first Washing machinefollowed in 1958. It was used in many households, which eliminated the annoying hand wash. Today’s washing machines of the manufacturer, which employs more than 130,000 people in Germany alone, are often manufactured in one of the 80 production locations that Bosch owns in the Federal Republic.

The range includes front loaders that are loaded from the front. These devices have the classic width of 60 centimeters, so they are integrated into many bathrooms and cellars. Here, the underbody and built-in models from Bosch can usually be used well. The manufacturer also offers Toploader, which are to be filled from above. With a width of 40 centimeters toploaders such as the Bosch WOT24227 Series 4 washing machine require very little space, which is why they are sometimes preferred.

High energy efficiency in many washing machines

A look at the current offer from the manufacturer makes it clear that the devices consume only little energy. Almost all washing machines from Bosch are among the most energy-efficient A +++. An example is the Bosch WAE283ECO Series 4, which is very modest with an average consumption of 165 kilowatt hours per year. Some machines require even less power, which is why the company has introduced new classes that demonstrate reduced power consumption. Bosch therefore also offers washing machines of class A +++ -30 percent and A +++ -50 percent.

The washing machines from Bosch are often characterized by low water consumption. Even the larger appliances, which can hold up to eight kilograms of laundry, are very frugal in their consumption. This is also due to the „ActiveWater Plus“ technology from Bosch. Sensors analyze how much water is needed for the specific laundry. This results in reduced consumption, which protects the environment and the wallet. Devices like the Bosch WAY28742 Home Professional washing machine save precious water. This model requires only 10,560 liters of water for 220 operations.

Good spinning performance and excellent equipment

The washing machines from Bosch are often characterized by their exemplary spinning performance. Experts often praise the reliability that the devices work for many years. A highlight is the drive of the machines, to which the manufacturer usually gives a guarantee of ten years. The current washing machines of the German manufacturer have many functions, which often include a Umwuchtkontrolle, crease protection and dosing.

Many models have an anti-spill system, which is especially noticeable in heavy soiling. Loading systems also analyze the textiles to calculate the optimum amount of detergent. This handy feature not only features the Bosch WAY2854D Home Professional Washer that the manufacturer currently offers. Due to the material quality and the practical functions, many consumers opt for a machine from Bosch that can ensure cleanliness for many years.

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