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Pearl web frame guide

Artificial pearls have long been used as jewelry. Early finds date back to the Stone Age: the beads were made from animal bones and teeth. They were threaded and worn as jewels around the neck, wrists, ankles or ears. But for centuries to this day, pearls have been made of minerals, glass, bone, ivory or shell material to be worn as jewelery. How precious the particular bead is depends on the availability of the material and the processing. The materials and ways of working differ between cultures and still do today. To this day, artificial pearls are used as jewelry, and they are used very differently.

Weaving as an old cultural technique

For about 32,000 years weavings can be detected. In most cases, plant or animal fibers are interwoven to wear the resulting fabric as clothing. Textiles therefore played an important role in human history very early on. However, not only textiles were woven: beads can also be woven into pieces of jewelery using weaving techniques. For the weaving mill, different frames and frames are used, which, depending on the size, are called a loom or a woven frame. In industrial clothing production, machine looms play the biggest role nowadays. Hand weaving, using small looms or mechanical looms, has become a folkloric craft and hobby. For pearl weaving, only very small frames are needed that can easily fit on a table.

Pearl weaving frame made of wood or plastic

Pearl weaving frames can be made of plastic or wood made by different manufacturers. The individual models differ in appearance and handling only slightly, the operation is always the same. On a frame chain ends are stretched at regular intervals, which are pulled tight with the help of two turning wheels. Toothed wheels and inserted wedges stabilize the warp threads with the desired tension. The weft thread is knotted at the warp threads, pulled with a needle through a predetermined number of beads of certain coloring and passed under the warp threads so that one bead in each gap between two threads comes to rest. Then the weft thread is threaded back through the beads above the warp threads. Then the next row can be threaded. The technology is so simple that it is suitable as a leisure activity for children over the age of six. beadweaving are relatively inexpensive, toy manufacturers offer complete sets including beads and threads. In general, the wooden frames are slightly more stable, but also have a higher weight. The frames are usually disassembled and must be put together themselves. That happened in a few simple steps and does not require anything Tool,

Build pearl weave frame yourself

Web frames are a relatively simple design that beadweaving is no exception. If you like to assemble things yourself and have a little manual experience or skill (ideally both), you can beadweaving just make it yourself. There are many guides on the Internet that are more or less complicated. The simplest version, which can also be created together with children, consists of a wooden board and 20 long nails (at least three inches long). The nails are beaten upright on the narrow sides at regular intervals in the board. You should look out about 2 cm from the wood. The warp threads can be attached to the nails. Tension is achieved if on each narrow side of the board in each case a nail is hammered horizontally, to which the warp threads can be attached.

Letters, numbers, ornaments, braid patterns and more

Pearl weaving is a varied affair. From the bracelet with your own name over wider beltor hangingswith motifs to very narrow, delicately ornamented pearls, everything can be produced. Beadworks can be used for bracelets, belts, eyeglass chains, hair ornaments, table mats and room decorations. Some simple instructions are the beadweaving usually with, further suggestions can be found in the relevant magazines, online and in the specialized trade.

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