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  • Measures: 2 Inch sucker on 3 1/2 plastic stick.
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  • Big Wow/Trademark Entertainment, llc.
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Allessauger counselor

Allessauger or too Multipurpose sucker, Wet / dry vacuum and vacuum washercalled, are suitable for private and commercial cleaning. With a all suckers Soils and upholstery are sucked off. There are different tube attachments to do a high quality cleaning job. Available are the all suckers in the electrical specialist trade and on market platforms on the Internet.

Components of all suckers

The main component of one all suckers is a container. Under this container wheels are mounted for easy transport (pulling) during use. The wheels have protective caps, making sure that the power cord does not get caught between the protective cap and the wheel. This only happens if the space between them is large enough for the power cable to get caught in it. From this container goes to the outside of a movable hose. Inserted in this tube is a static suction tube and attached to it a suction broom that is removable. Various suction brooms serve different floors or are used for wet or dry vacuuming.

A lid is mounted on the container. This cover holds the engine of the machine. The container itself contains a suction filter, the suction nozzle and an air blower, which simulates a kind of cyclone by introducing air so that dust and other impurities do not stick to the inner wall of the container. On the outer casing of the lid, a handle, closing flaps or bolts are attached, also are on the buttons of the Allessaugers, the machine on and off.

Other functional parts differ depending on the manufacturer, series and model.

On it users have to all suckers respect, think highly of

An all-purpose vacuum has many advantages over a standard vacuum cleaner. The capacity is usually higher, because in addition to dust and liquids are sucked. For the dust, some manufacturers still use special dust bags. The disposable bags can be easily removed from the device provided and are then replaced by a new empty dust bag. Users need to make sure that they buy a new dust bag on time before the last bag is full.

The alternative to bag suckers are bagless suckers, which collect the dirt in a container. This container is released from the nipple and distributed. Subsequently, individual parts can be rinsed under running water, if this is marked as suitable in the instructions for use. Otherwise, wipe the container with a dry cloth. Likewise, the filter can be removed. The lint is simply peeled off and thrown into the garbage bag. Subsequently, it is necessary to assemble the individual parts according to specifications. Only when everything is properly closed, the vacuum cleanerbe put back into operation.

Technical data of the Allessauger

The technical specifications may differ depending on the type, which is why only general information follows.
In comparison, the Allessauger has „Metabo 602012000 AS“ with a capacity of 20 liters. With 1,200 watts, the vacuum corresponds to a low power consumption, for comparison, commercial vacuum cleaners still need up to 2,000 watts. The air output is 4,200 l / min, the negative pressure 210 hPa and the filter surface of 3,200 square centimeters provides sufficient surface so that dirt is not introduced unfiltered. The Allessauger non-combustible absorbs liquids and dry dust from tiles, parquet, laminate, wooden floors and carpets. Furthermore, so that can sofaor a chair to be cleaned of crumbs and liquids.

The manufacturer Kärcher gains a high reputation. The term „carvers“ has become commonplace with homeowners in terms of cleaning the grounds. The multi-purpose vacuum cleaner „WD 3 Premium“ is a classic among Allessaugern. This is not only in the household application, like this vacuum cleaner is also used for cleaning vehicles. At 1,000 watts, this Allessauger consumes a little less than the competition. Vehicles are quickly sucked out with the special car nozzle. The seats are to be sucked off with the crevice nozzle. At 73 dB, the Allessauger is in the upper third of the volume. In addition, the Kärcher Merzwecksauger is easy with six pounds.


An all-purpose vacuum cleaner with an additional battery makes it easier to vacuum in the home, where no outlet is free. This allows users to actually suck into the farthest corners of the home or apartment. An all-purpose vacuum cleaner may only be stored in dry rooms. Wetness damages the engine and can cause permanent dysfunction.

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