10 Best AEG dryer of 2018

  • AEG Professional Hairdryer With Eco Save and Ion Technology...
  • AEG Electrolux
  • Misc.
  • AEG Electrolux
  • Misc.
  • AEG Professional Hairdryer With Eco Save and Ion Technology...
  • AEG Washer Dryer Fan Motor Drive Belt
  • Fits Models: L14710VIT, L12710VIT, L14710VIT, L12720VIT,...
  • Part Number: 1240827426
  • AEG Tumble Dryer Interference Motor Capacitor
  • Fits Models: T37400, T35800, T35809, T35600, T35400,...
  • Part Number: 1250020334
  • Zanussi
  • Misc.
  • Genuine replacement 8uf interference capacitor for your AEG...
  • Please be aware that all electrical items, eg pumps, are...
  • AEG Washing Machine / Washer Dryer Drum Paddle Lifter Arm
  • Fits models: Fullmodel
  • Pack Quantity: Pack of 1
  • AEG Professional Hairdryer With Eco Save and Ion Technology...

AEG dryer guide

With the help of an AEG tumble dryer it is possible to dry vulnerable materials such as silk or wool in special conservation programs and also to save electricity by repeatedly using the once heated air for the drying processes instead of letting them into the air. It is possible with one AEG dryer up to 50% more energy efficient to dry than the limit for energy label A is high.

Dry the clothes gently with the AEG dryer

With the help of the AEG dryer, it is possible to tailor the drying programs especially to the particular material of the laundry to be dried, whereby any materials can be dried individually. The heat pump technology of the AEG dryer ensures particularly gentle drying at the lowest temperatures and lowest noise levels. Due to the extra-large gentle drum, which also contains an automatic reversing to change the direction of rotation of the drum again and again, and the sophisticated air flow is also a particularly gentle drying guaranteed because the free space knotting of laundry parts and creasing is prevented.
The electronic program control and the particularly innovative sensors, the operating time of the humidity of the laundry is adjusted, which also ensures high energy efficiency, is often the AEG dryer even up to 50% more efficient than the energy label A.
The system of once-heated air, which is used repeatedly for the further drying processes, eliminates the problem of the air that needs to be discharged. Often there are rooms where you would like to set up the dryer, but this is not possible through a non-existent window or the lack of a corresponding exhaust duct. With the AEG dryers, the air on the warm side of the heat pumpwarmed up, while condensed on the cold side of the water vapor. The heat of the previous drying cycle is used here again and again for the next gear, so that hardly any heat is lost and therefore does not have to be re-produced.
It is important to note, however, that AEG clothes dryerMore maintenance-intensive and also require a longer drying time, but this can be overlooked due to the high energy savings and the quiet and gentle drying process.

Volume of the AEG dryer

The work of the AEG dryer runs very quietly and discreetly due to the long-lasting inverter motor. Many dryers also have a silent system, ie a sound-insulated housing, which also reduces the noise level of the dryer. Even though most of the AEG tumble dryers work very quietly, there is still the Extra Extra Dry Floor, which is especially beneficial for sleeping babies during the day or in everyday life as the noise level is reduced to 56 dB. It is also practical at night, because the dryer can run very well at night due to its greatly reduced noise level, without disturbing the night’s sleep.
Due to the particularly quiet drying method of AEG dryer Drying is possible around the clock, which also ensures a quiet atmosphere and the nerves are spared. Especially in multi-family homes, a loud dryer can often lead to disputes, as feel other house dwellers quickly disturbed by an increased noise level.
The noise reduced AEG dryer There are also in every price range to buy, so for every budget the right dryer is there.

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