10 Best Wolf lawn mower of 2019

  • Note:This carburetor is for engines that have a vacuum choke...
  • Replace number: 1485349-S, 1485359-S. 1485347-S, 1485343-S,...
  • Replaces for Kohler Toro MTD Ariens Stens 520-706
  • Mr Mower Part Trademark Brand
  • Replaces MTD Cub Cadet # 756-0236
  • Backed By 2 Year Warranty
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  • Double-width blade
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  • Mr Mower Part Trademark Brand
  • Replaces MTD Cub Cadet # 756-0236
  • Backed By 2 Year Warranty
  • 5 Pack Stens 430-694 Starter Keys.
  • Replaces OEM: AYP 140401, 140402, 140403, Cub Cadet...
  • Also replaces Craftsman 140403, 411932, John Deere GY20680,...

Wolf lawn mower counselor

The manufacturer Wolf offers with its lawn mowers for the home garden or green areas of every kind a large selection of lawn mowers for every need.
Behind the brand’s red-and-yellow cases, sophisticated technology and top quality are part of every model. But the different construction methods of mowing machinediffer greatly in their mode of operation and the optimal fields of application.
How customers still find the right lawnmower and what to pay attention to when choosing the different models, lists this guide vividly.

The hand spindle mower – classic, manual and simple

The manual spindle mower is a tried-and-tested model for manually trimming the lawn. This lawnmower is quiet and is only put into operation by the mechanical drive of the axles and has to be moved by hand over the racebe moved.
With the proven quality of Wolf, the hand-held spindle mowers in the handle are ergonomically shaped and robustly processed on blades, axles and wheels.
This form of lawnmower is ideal for very small pieces of green space and short English lawns. Lawn mowing is more relaxation than work.

Electric and battery mower and petrol mower – better mowing power thanks to engine

As the terrain becomes heavier or the surface grows larger, mowing with the hand-held spindle mower becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming. Here more power is required, the first choice here are usually electric and Akkumäher.
These offer the classic advantages of a lawn mower, but are environmentally friendly and quiet at the same time. They are easy to push and do not require much power and can be cut, collected and mulched at the touch of a button. Wolf offers electric mowers for private or professional needs, so there is plenty of room for performance (and price).
Even more power is provided by gasoline-powered mowers, which are the right choice for large lawns from 250 square meters upwards. Even large lawns can be processed quickly with the gas mower and the wheel drive makes lawn mowing almost a self-propelled.
However, these devices are gasoline fueled and therefore neither clean nor quiet – the better performance is therefore faced with some disadvantages.

Professional lawn mower for sitting up

Ride-on lawn mowers or lawn tractors are the professional models of Wolf mowers and need a large lawn area to be really useful.
Because without the necessary space, the lawn tractors can not maneuver, but they are perfect for large green areas such as sports fields or urban lawns.
With this, Wolf also serves the professional segment of lawn mowing and offers proven quality and performance in a shapely design – also for sitting up.

The robot lawnmower – Vorsprung durch Technik

Of course, anyone who is not up to mowing the lawn can of course also let the lawnmower work for them. The robot lawnmower works much like an automatic one vacuum cleaner,
The RoboScooter from Wolf only has to drive along the lawn after commissioning and automatically changes direction when mowing terrain or colliding to mow, mulch and trim the lawn.
Using sensors, the RoboScooter feels heavy rain and drives back to dry. When the battery is empty, it searches for the charging station on its own and is protected against thieves by an alarm.
The advantages of the automatic helper are limited by a limited performance, because the RoboScooter is powered by a small electric motor. For short, level lawns, the robotic lawnmowers from Wolf are well suited.

The right blade for every lawn

The mowers from Wolf offer a wide selection for every need. Customers will find everything here for their increasing needs. Starting with the small hand-held spindle mower up to the lawn tractor for professional lawn mowing – that Wolf is developing technically newer models with electric motors and the RoboScooter. This allows Wolf environmentally aware lawn mowing, without sacrificing performance.
But one thing Wolf’s versatile lawnmowers have in common is that customers do not have to compromise on quality.

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