10 Best weed burner of 2019

  • Quickly hooks up to any refillable propane tank (20lb...
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  • SELF IGNITING - No sparker or external lighter needed
  • Quickly hooks up to any refillable propane tank (20lb...
  • Comes with a hand-tighten tank fitting
  • This torch kit has plenty powerful and generates heat up to...
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  • 500,000 BTU propane torch
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  • Quickly hooks up to any refillable propane tank (20lb...
  • Comes with a hand-tighten tank fitting
  • This torch kit has plenty powerful and generates heat up to...
  • Easy and effective natural weed control
  • Convenient, simple, and lightweight design
  • Adjustable flame

Weed burner guidebook

On areas that are paved, weeds can generally be treated rather poorly. Especially in the spring, the small plants on terraces, paved paths and court entrances are particularly annoying. Because the spraying of weeds is forbidden by certain aggressive chemicals in the Federal Republic, it is rather the possibility, with a weed burner to tackle the stubborn plants efficiently and quickly.

As a weed burner is working
The principle of this weed killeris particularly simple: either heat is released through a ceramic plate that is heated with gas or delivered by a gas flame to the weeds. Thus, the cell walls of the plantlets are destroyed and the protein molecules begin to denature. Because of this, this weed is so severely damaged that it passes after a few days. Burning the plants completely also represents a possibility of annihilation. However, this is not necessary because more energy is consumed than in the former version. From the biological point of view, the first variant is more acceptable. When flaming, it makes sense to move slowly and concentrated over the area concerned. The fuel rod is best moved slowly back and forth. The distance is ideally five to 15 centimeters.

Weed burner types
Depending on the nature of the soil and the plot there are different types of weed burners. There are devices available with or without thermal flame. Thermoflamm has been a synonym for a thorough destruction of weeds without chemicals for several years. Piezo weed burner is especially practical.

Weed killer with gas cartridge
The weed burner , the one gas cartridgecontained, work with open flame, which arises from the ignition of the gas. It is important to work carefully and to treat only driveways and paths when there is no wind. These types of weed killers are especially advisable for small areas as well as inexpensive to buy from many manufacturers and in various categories. They are easy to handle.

Flame-retardants with propane cylinder
The larger the area that is to be treated, the more gas is needed, which is in a gas cartridge. The designs are often not enough. That’s why there is weed burner with propane gas bottles. These products also work with an open flame. However, the bottles have a larger capacity and the versions are equipped with two flames, so that the flames occur faster. These models are usually obtained with small cars or mounts for the heavy propane gas bottles.

Infrared weed killer
In addition to the variants with an open flame, products are also available that destroy the plants with heated ceramic plates. So it is possible weed under hedgesand permanently eliminate bushes without damaging or burning other crops. Infrared versions are therefore particularly easy and safe to use, but work at very high temperatures.

electrical weed burner
Like the just mentioned versions, there are also electric weed killers without gas burnerand work without an open flame. Here you press an electric motor by pressing a button, which then generates heat and destroys the weeds and their cells. The devices should only be kept over the weeds for a few seconds without a gas cartridge. After that, it looks just like before, but it dies after several days and is then easy to remove. The electric burners can often as well barbecue-lighterbe used and therefore offer many uses, which is not the case with gas burners. However, gas burners are available in organic versions, which can be used much more environmentally friendly than thermal flame appliances, which operate electrically.

What should be considered when purchasing
If you are one burner flame removerIf you want to buy, you should pay attention to some criteria before, so that in the choice of the personal weed killer nothing stands in the way.

Without or with piezo ignition
The piezo ignition saves the use of a lighter or a match to ignite the weed killer. Advantageous in this case are the safe lighting and working with the open flame. However, if the detonator is broken or some parts of it, it is sometimes difficult to find the right specialist to properly repair the device.

When it comes to accessories, it is important that you decide on the personal weed burner and act according to your own preferences. Depending on the brand and manufacturer, the devices already contain cables, hoses or gas cylinders and pressure regulators. In general, one should assume, however, that with prolonged use of the weed killer always propane or gas bottles must be purchased. Here, it usually helps to look for good buying options online, even if the delivery times take up a bit more time in some cases.

Additional functions
Above all, the versions with open smaller flames, but also the electric weed killers are ideally suited to take over additional functions in the garden and household. Below, additional uses are presented.

Light the charcoal with the weed killer
A weed burner helps to ignite the barbecue fire. At a suitable distance, a grill can be warmed up well by a fire-fighting device. It gets the charcoallarge area a start heat. Either the weed killer is suitable for preheating for a grill lighter or even for igniting charcoal, That depends on the temperature supplied. This will certainly save time and offer the user much more security. A weed gas burner is hereby a useful device in the outdoor area.

Defrosting device for defrosting
The cold season with its frost causes a lot of work for many caretakers or homeowners. The underground on a sidewalk should be best safely accessible. If, for example, people suffer an accident on a non-strewn path in front of a house, they can make claims for compensation. Even on the sidewalks used by the occupants themselves, the risk of accidents should be reduced. Flame-retardants make it easy to remove thick layers of ice. It is also possible to reduce the first signs of lightning ice. This means that thawed ice can finally flow from the sidewalk as water, without the risk of ice formation on the surface again extremely occurring.

Weed killer for welding
The weed burner can also be used at a temperature of up to 1800 degrees Celsius welding machineserve. It is important that you warm up the ground if necessary. This is necessary, important or can make work easier for many materials. Numerous materials then have a better behavior, for example during the welding process. In most cases, it is also necessary to heat other surfaces that are being processed. In general, such a device can also be used in processing bitumen webs.

Weed burner at the pond
When creating the pondsis the laying of pond linerrequired. The water must never seep through the film. If no extra-large tarpaulins are purchased, large sheets of film are to be joined together by melting. In this way, a careful processing is possible without burning a pond liner. The material should never be thinned or damaged during processing. The temperature is excellent for warming up and processing.

When a weed burner should be used
Because weeds often begin to germinate early in the year, it makes sense to use the weed killers for the firs
t time in the spring. As soon as the first plantlets are discovered along the way or between the joints, one should start with the flaming. From this point on, it makes sense to continue the treatment against the weeds at regular intervals, so that the weed killing is also successful and you have long rest.

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