10 Best Wall letterbox of 2018

  • MOCAVI Box 102 wall-mounted letterbox, stainless steel and...
  • Security wall mounted mailbox for convenient drop box...
  • Patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism featuring a...
  • Features heavy duty 16-gauge galvanized steel construction...
  • Jean Y. Farrugia
  • Publisher: Open Gate Press
  • Edition no. 0 (11/01/1969)
  • Flat-backed hinged mailbox
  • Fits flush against any wall, mounted or on a table
  • Solid wood. Assembled and unfinished
  • Locks and has a slot opening 1 1/8 x 13 1/8
  • Made in germany
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Jean Y. Farrugia
  • Publisher: Open Gate Press
  • Edition no. 0 (11/01/1969)
  • 1:12 Scale - Resin- Approximate height 50mm = 2 inches
  • Toy
  • Melody Jane Dolls Houses
  • MOCAVI Box 102 wall-mounted letterbox, stainless steel and...
  • Material: 0.6mm galvanized plate Net Weight: 1.6kg
  • Color: Bronze
  • Overall Size: Approx. 41cm x 25cm x 8cm Letter Slot: 22.5cm...
  • Multi-functional: The Phone Ring Grip allows you to hold...
  • The stand offers 360° of rotating capability and 180°...
  • This stylish Phone Ring features a large opening that is...

Wall Mailbox Guide

Mailboxes are indispensable in spite of e-mails and smartphones, because letters and newspapers still reach us. Of the Wall letterbox is one of the most popular and widely used models. He is, as the name suggests, mounted on the wall. But what distinguishes him furthermore, where are the advantages and what should be considered when buying? All this is explained in the following guide.

Worth knowing about the Wall letterbox

Of the Wall letterbox serves like any other model, a transfer of the mail. The postman comes close to the house façade due to the attachment on the wall to this in the mailboxstore. The required mounting accessories are usually delivered together with the mailbox. The mail is usually from the front or top. In other mailbox variants, the mailbox is a bit more distant from the house. Therefore, at the same time is the daily way to Wall letterbox not so far, which is very useful for rain, for example. Thus, no water can get into the mailbox or the mail. The advantage is one Wall letterbox also in that it is protected by a roof overhang from wind and weather.

Various wall letterbox types

The wall letter boxes are available in different colors, shapes, designs and prices. The latter often decides the quality, while the taste and style of the house is crucial in the first factors mentioned. The shapes range from square to curved to round. In addition to the standard colors white or black, the wall mailbox can also be steel-colored, green, red, blue or even colorful. It should be ensured that the style of the wall letter box harmonizes well with that of the house. After all, he should integrate himself and not become a foreign body. For the throw of newspapers, the wall mailbox can also with a newspaper rollThe newspaper box is already integrated in some models and thus does not need to be retrofitted.

Buy wall post box – pay attention?

The question remains, what makes a good wall letterbox. Functionality and quality play an important role here. After all, the wall mailbox should fulfill its tasks even after years. If he is under no roof, it is essential to pay attention to the weather resistance. In general, the material used should be high quality and well-made. The size should also not be ignored. If the wall mailbox is too small, the postman must stuff the mail in the box, if it is even more or you may have been away for a few days. Letters can break or at least crumple. Therefore, the wall mailbox should have a suitable size.

Which material is suitable for the wall mailbox?

– Metal: The frequently chosen material is robust, durable and looks high quality.
– Plastic is easy to care for, withstands wind and weather and prevents rust.
– Wood is used comparatively rarely. Mailboxes made of solid wood, combined with metal, are popular here. Stainless steel and real wood can be combined well with a wall mailbox. This looks very decorative.
– Glass: The front of some letterboxes is made of glass, which achieves style and elegance. However, the glass used must be scratch-proof and burglar-proof so that the mailbox can be protected against theft and vandalism. The decision should be made deliberately whether the contents of the mailbox should be visible.


The wall mailbox is very popular. It is available in a wide range, so you can choose according to your own taste and needs. There are simple, but also modern and unusual models in different forms. In addition, wall letter boxes are available with or without a newspaper compartment. Thanks to the range of colors and materials, a wall box can be selected that adapts perfectly to the wall of the house.

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