10 Best wall fountain of 2019

  • Wall Hanging Bubble Fountain Unit - 30" in height x 18" wide...
  • Indoor Bubble Wall Panel / Water Feature / Fountain with...
  • Low profile unit, uses a remotely located air pump.
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Reduce stress and reset your mind by...
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR FLEXIBILITY: A unique addition to virtually...
  • AMBIENT WATERFALL FEATURE: Amplify your experience with the...
  • Lion Head Wall Fountain
  • Holds five gallons of water; pump included.
  • UL Recognized.
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 13.9" H x 21.5" W x 5.5" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 15lbs
  • 33" high x 17 1/2" wide x 6" deep.
  • Wall fountain design; mounts on a wall surface. Holds...
  • Faux slate and scroll iron finish; lightweight cast resin...
  • WALL MOUNTING: Ideal for leveling and on-wall placement, our...
  • DIMENSIONS: 26 inch Height, 12 inch width, 4 inch Extension
  • LED LIGHTS: Outfitted with an energy efficient and...
  • Wall Hanging Bubble Fountain Unit - 30" in height x 18" wide...
  • Indoor Bubble Wall Panel / Water Feature / Fountain with...
  • Low profile unit, uses a remotely located air pump.
  • DIMENSIONS: 17 inches long x 10 inches wide x 27 inches...
  • DURABLE AND DECORATIVE: Made with a lightweight yet durable...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Includes a submersible electrical pump and...
  • Dimensions: 35 inch Height, 17 inch width, 10 inch Extension
  • LED light: outfitted with an energy efficient and...
  • Waterproof light switch: using separate power solutions for...
  • Lion Head Wall Fountain
  • Holds five gallons of water; pump included.
  • UL Recognized.

Wall fountain guide

He was already in ancient times not only as water dispenserbut also as a decorative object – The wall fountain , Today it is available in different designs, shapes and styles.

The function and use of the wall fountain

Wall wells simply have the task of donating water, like a typical one water tap, The difference here is the purchase and the appearance. Most wall fountain have a quality pump that is almost silent. This pumps water upwards, where it flows through an attached tap back down into the fountain basin. This creates a continuous cycle. In terms of which needed wall fountain a stable wall and a water connection / water source and thus can be mounted both outside and inside.
Inside, the proves wall fountain even health beneficial. Due to the resulting water pattern and the regulated humidity, it is refreshing on hot summer days or droughts, while at the same time providing the necessary skin hydration, as well as alleviating respiratory tract and eye irritation. Also fine dust is immensely restricted in the air. However, it comes here on the wall fountain which has to flow for a longer time, which also increases costs.

Types of wall wells

Like any device that deals with moisture and moisture, the required material from which the wall well is made must not absorb water. So wall wells can be made from the following:
– natural stone
– Marble
– granite
– Sandstone
– Slate
– Stainless steel
– Glass
– ceramics
– terracotta
However, there are also suppliers who offer rare rocks or for collectors antique treasures. Depending on which material you choose, effort, weight and durability must be considered. For example, glass wall fountains are light but more fragile than granite or marble. The material also influences price, design and installation. If you want a custom made wall fountain you have to reckon with additional costs.

Inside and outside – differences

Who wants to buy a wall fountain for the garden, obviously needs to pay less attention than for in the apartment. Outside, only the device must be weatherproof, so be stable even in strong wind or rain. In the apartment, however, the right place must first be sought. This is the bathroom most recommended, since it is already set up according to the controls. Other rooms, on the other hand, must have a certain size, that no mold forms or, in the case of a water damage, the damage is rather lean. Small rooms should not even be considered. Added to this is the weight and size of the well. The wall must be able to withstand the wall fountain. The inner walls are usually thinner and more unstable than the outer walls. In this regard, seek advice before buying if the wall fountain is suitable for the intended space and wall where it will be installed.

suggested products

If you are already satisfied with a small humble wall fountain and do not care about any special requests, you can confidently turn to one of the following sample products.

First we have the wall fountain „Graf von Gerlitzen“ made of aluminum. The product was hand painted in white and green. It measures 72 cm high, 43 cm wide and 22 cm deep.

The wall fountain „Jago“ is suitable both for inside and outside and has a completely closed water cycle. The faucet is decorative represented as a lion’s head. The wall fountain is kept in a uniform green and made of weatherproof plastic.

If you prefer something modern, you should like the hanging wall fountain with multicolored LED lighting and lighting controls. It is made of stainless steel and acrylic, It has dimensions of 55cm width, 95cm height and 12cm depth. Indoors, this wall well comes out best.

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